Edarna Noregovna

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Edarna Noregovna was an Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah. She was raised to the Amyrlin Seat in the year 64 NE, and held the position until her death in 115 NE. She was Dalaine Ndaye's successor and Balladare Arandaille's predecessor (TWoRJTWoT).

Edarna was the most politically skilled Amyrlin in White Tower history (CoT, Ch. 30).


Siuan snorted forcefully. "Mother, by now even Lelaine and Romanda know you're the Amyrlin Seat in truth, whether or not they'll admit it. That pair wouldn't have fallen in line with Deane Aryman. I think they're beginning to see you as another Edarna Noregovna." (Siuan to Egwene; Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 30)

Edarna was believed to have been the most politically skilled woman ever to hold the staff and stole. (Egwene; Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 30)

Egwene's chair almost dropped her onto the carpets again. She needed to get a chair that did not try to fold up every time she moved. She was willing to bet Edarna never jumped as if she had itchcloak down her back. (Egwene when Sheriam catches her muttering aloud to herself; Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 30)