Feast of Lights 2020 - DM & Of All and None GCH Causes

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Author: Aleita Taviah & Atane Valthon
Published: January 13 2021 Tar Valon Times Blog

We are nearly at the end of our Feast of Lights 2020 features for the Great Charity Hunt Causes chosen by our membership. Today we’ll be sharing a little about the causes chosen by the Dai M’Hael Company and super group Of All and None!

Dai M’Hael Cause – Cancer

The Dai M'Hael Company has chosen to put their efforts into supporting organisations that support those who are affected by cancer. Sadly, this is a lot of the population and while there has been an exceptional amount of time and effort in this area there is still much to be done. Below is a list of different organisations from around the world that put time, care and effort into supporting research into cancer and those who affected. If there are any other organisations in your area that would benefit from the help of DM or our community as a whole please feel free to share them below!

Of All and None Causes – Supporting the Needs of Displaced People

This branch of The Great Charity Hunt is comprised of the Junior Members of the Tower (Novices, Recruits, Accepted and Soldiers) and Citizens of the City of Tar Valon, led by The Amyrlin Seat, Serinia Edoras. Throughout the discussions among this group a consensus began to emerge that the underlying desire was to focus on Supporting the Needs of Displaced People. Along with the other member groups, the Junior Members and Citizens are a global group, and many have seen the impact of displacement in all areas. This focus is certainly broad, as there are many pathways open to supporting this focus, including supporting medical care, alleviating hunger, encouraging and helping in education, or any other need. International organizations focused on supporting the needs of displaced people include Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières) and Refugees International. There are also possible organizations on a more local level in which work can be done, such as Food Pantries and Homeless Shelters.

The Servant of All Team are ready and able to help all community groups with whatever they need for the Great Charity Hunt. They can help to research causes and organisations around the world, so if your group needs a little help finding out where to help, the SoA Team are waiting for your call.

Don’t forget to lodge all your efforts in the Great Charity Hunt Tracker! You can lodge both individual and group efforts in the tracker. If you have any questions about how to add your efforts check out the Great Charity Hunt Tracking Thread in the Servant of All forum.

Stay tuned next week for the final causes chosen by the TarValon.Net community for the Great Charity Hunt!