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The Friendly Face Team operated under the supervision of the Mayor in the Welcoming Committee. All members were volunteers and did not receive staff credit. The team existed between January 2015 and June 2019 to bring the knowledge and resources of senior members to the Welcoming Committee.

A branch of the Membership Department often staffed by newer members just getting involved with TarValon.Net, the Friendly Face Team was especially helpful when Zandera Sommers became Mayor. As the first Mayor who has never been a senior member, the advice and experience of this team was invaluable.

Volunteers were bribed into joining by offering them digital cookies and tantalizing them with the mystery of what goes on behind the scenes in the Welcoming Committee Forum. In addition, small biographies were displayed with the member's picture in a sticky in the Introductions Forum.

Department: Department of Membership

Position Level: Volunteer

Rotation Six months

Merit Eligibility Not eligible

Chain of Command

The friendly face team reports to the Mayor.

Duties and Responsiblities

  • Members of the Friendly Face Team are required to have an ongoing conversation with at least 1 person of the rank of visitor, citizen, resident citizen, novice, or recruit via private message or visitor message. Members are expected to check their message inbox every 3 days. If a response is not received within 2 weeks, the team member should contact another person and strike up a new conversation. A list of new members is provided and maintained by the Mayor.


Time Requirements


The team was set up in January 2015.