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Author: Ilverin Matriam
Published: December 10 2020 Tar Valon Times Blog

The Gray Ajah
Highlight of February 2020

The Gray Ajah at TarValon.Net and the Gray Ajah from the books were the highlight of February 2020 on our social media platforms.

TarValon.Net’s Gray Ajah is similar to the Gray Ajah from the books in some cases, but in others – it’s different. In this quote, one of our Gray Aes Sedai has summed up pretty nicely the main similarities and differences.

Gray Highlight 1.png

We asked you some questions about the Gray Ajah as part of our Trivia Thursdays!

Gray Highlight 2.png

Many of you of course answered correctly to all of these questions. The Gray Ajah’s purpose is to mediate, seek consensus and for this, the Grays are also required to know the laws of the lands of Randland. Their Head of Ajah is called the Head Clerk and Nine Aes Sedai from the Grays have been raised to be the Amyrlin Seat.

For Monday’s quotes, we decided to share a quote from a famous book Gray – Yukiri Haruna. We also shared a fan art of her, which we believe is amazing! The artist of this piece is jieroque on DeviantArt. Follow them for more Wheel of Time art!

Gray Highlight 3.png

We shared a quote of one of our Gray Aes Sedai – Ilverin Matriam. And her amazing shawl, which many people appreciated in the comments:

Gray Highlight 4.png

Since every Aes Sedai has her own different, but special Shawl, which fits her character perfectly, we also shared this amazing Shawl of Imzadi Hopewind Sedai.

Gray Highlight 5.jpg

On our blog you can find articles about the Gray Ajah and Gray Aes Sedai characters:

  • Check out’s Library resources about the Gray Ajah here.
  • An article about Annoura Sedai of the Gray Ajah can be found here.

The backgrounds of the text pictures represent TarValon.Net’s logos for the Gray Ajah, and are property of TarValon.Net.

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