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Author: The Gray Ajah & Guests

A Gray Ajah Sitting Room 3-word Story

The land was totally pwned by unreadable graffiti that wasn’t all that unreadable at all to the flying bumble bees that wrote it to a donkey’s brother once ate a sentence ending. Later, there was pie, which was awesome, and so tasty because it was made out of jellybeans and chocolate. This pie wasn’t on fire, but was still steaming. Later, at the Olde Warder Tavern, the Graytling pussies decided to eat vegan jello shooters even though they didn’t mean to get tipsy but they did anyway. This made them really very horny, so they called LiiAlyNini to revive and have a lesson on proper behavior when you should be thinking and not sleeping. The hour is upon us to start thinking about the shoes that belong to a weird-looking frog with three asses, like the rain that fell on the many miserable toy soldiers plotting revenge on chickens of doom wearing less than two small hats on their large pimples they were red and sore since like forever and a day. The next morning, the sun was all purple and bloated. But the land was trim. Later that afternoon the sea smashed and birds sang about the Wheelbarrow of Eternal Lovin’. The next day the Wheelbarrow followers danced to the top of a flagpole, saying “Damn the man, he is too sexy for his shirt.” His pants, however, were too short to be decent, or pretty, so after serious thought, they decided to bring the Wheelbarrow and cleanse all non-Wheelbarrow approved entities in a rough approximation of Shatner-like behavioral patterns, it was insufficient. We are the chosen ones. Srsly. When the cleansing didn't work we ate tacos and burritos with Jennifer Lopez, and Ben Affleck not to mention Eric Cartman 's diva of a left hand, and wanton belle at closing time, when a stampeding herd of crazy wild mama's boys started flipping out and throwing things randomly. Mass pieings created havoc on slip'n'slides such that all previously sane people became Gray instead. The major drawback became obvious when they consumed or rejected the sweaters that magically appeared. It was confusing. And creepy, in a fascinating way, but they didn't know the secret and necro-post all the old stories. After kicking Magz, and trying to strangle Lii, they kicked Magz again and then they immediately apologized, because Magz had scary skillz of an awesome, kick-ass Head. Magz accepted the leadership of the Superfaction of Undeniable Awesomely Skillz-ed Spammers , otherwise known as the LiiAlyMagzItaNini Spam Team. They decided to get some hot, sweaty, spectacular and shiny pieces of men. But laziness prevailed, so Magz bitch-slapped Lii, and there was no telling what color they would turn out as. Red-faced and slightly drunk off gin and tonics, they brought back from Sydney, Australia!


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