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Harnan is a Tairen file leader in the Band of the Red Hand who accompanied Mat to Ebou Dar as he had heavy shoulders and had kept order well as Redarms back in Maerone, something Mat hoped would help keep the group out of trouble (LoC, Ch. 44). He was lantern jawed with a tattoo of a hawk on his left cheek (LoC, Ch. 47; ACoS, Ch. 17). He has been a soldier all his life (ACoS, Ch. 39) and is responsible for the general maintenance of the Band and keeping order amongst the troops (LoC, Ch. 47). Talmanes thinks very highly of him (AMoL, Ch. 33).



"... don't care what the flaming fish-seller said, you goat-spawned toad, you use your bloody club and don't go accepting flaming challenges just because.... (To Corevin, A Crown of Swords, Chapter 12).

"A fog. I heard there was ... things ... in it (...) "I heard people just disappeared. And some was found eaten, parts of them." (To Mat, after a bubble of evil in the Rahad (A Crown of Swords, Chapter 17)

"That wouldn't be right, one thing, Lord Talmanes'd have our hides if we came back without you." (Winter's Heart, Chapter 17).