Jori Congar

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Author: Toral Delvar


Jori Congar is a man from the Two Rivers region of Andor. He is skinny, despite eating more than most people and likes a drink. When not drunk he is a good shot, but unless watched, he often is drunk. Perrin found a jar of pear brandy in his saddlebags and instead of being angry when Perrin emptied it on the ground, he was proud that Perrin had discovered it (TPoD, Ch. 9). He is something of a thief (CoT, Ch. 5) and a gambler, though as he is uncommonly lucky with his dice, few men want to dice with him (KoD, Ch. 29). He is known for the poor quality of his alibis (ToM, Ch. 8).


  • He spits as Perrin walks past when the rumor that Perrin slept with Berelain has spread (CoT, Ch. 5).
  • He salutes Perrin, even though he still accepts the rumours of Perrin and Berelain (TGS, Ch. 17).


“You can't put one over on Lord Perrin” (The Path of Daggers, Chapter 9).