The Path of Daggers: Chapter 9

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Author: Val a'Shain

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Chapter Icon: A serpent twisted through a square

Point of View: Perrin

Setting: Perrin's camp near the town of Bethal in Ghealdan

Characters: Perrin, Faile, Aram, Basel Gill, Sebban Balwer, Tallanvor, Havien Nurelle, Edarra, Seonid


Perrin inspects his camp.


When Perrin awakens, Faile is already busy. Most of the camp is stirring; Perrin searches to find breakfast. He gets annoyed again that people simply will not let him do anything for himself. Aram, who appeared at his side the moment he left his tent, explains that people will think he doesn't trust them in their designated tasks if they're are not allowed to perform those specific tasks for his review. Faile had already said something similar.

Perrin spots Master Gill and goes to have a word with him. Faile made him shambayan, which means he is now responsible for supplying Perrin with his personal needs. Faile gave him a list of things he should try to get in Bethal. Perrin doesn't see the need but considers the battle but one minor annoyance with which to contend. Balwer also decided to become their personal secretary. When Perrin talks to him, Bawler demonstrates knowledge about a lot of potentially useful things. Perrin unrooted Balwer's hatred of the Whitecloaks and that he knows Perrin had problems with them, too. Perrin still thinks there is more to this group than he knows and sends Aram to talk to Tallanvor and Gill. Perrin approaches the Aiel tents.

Havien Nurelle intercepts him. Perrin and Havien inspect the Mayener camp. It's a lot more orderly than the Two Rivers camp. Havien mentions the Aiel treatment of the Aes Sedai in their care. It makes the Mayeners uneasy. Perrin compliments the Mayeners and says he will speak with the Wise Ones.

Perrin's meeting with the Wise Ones is, as always, challenging. Edarra tells Perrin to kill Masema; the Dreamwalkers said so. Perrin refuses, again, because that is not mentioned by Rand as being the current mission. When Perrin speaks of their treatment of the Aes Sedai, they tell him in no uncertain terms it is none of his business. One of the captured Aes Sedai, Seonid, even tells him to not interfere. The Wise Ones revisit the Prophet topic with him.

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