Knife of Dreams (Brief Plot Summary)

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Galad kills Valda, becoming Lord Captain Commander of the Whitecloaks. Perrin uses forkroot to incapacitate the Shaido Wise Ones and with Seanchan allies, attacks Malden, defeating them. The Seanchan collect the Wise Ones for use as damane. Elayne defeats the armies coming against her and gathers enough support to be proclaimed queen. Mat meets up with Talmanes and part of the Band again and they defeat a Seanchan army trying to kill Tuon. He allows her to leave and she completes the marriage ceremony. Thom reveals that Moiraine is held in the Tower of Ghenjei and that he, Mat and one other can rescue her. Mat and Noal agree. Rand walks into a trap set by Semirhage and loses a hand, but manages to capture her.

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