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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Laerad is an Aielman of the Moshaine sept of the Shaido Aiel. He is a member of the Water Seeker society.

He is described to be a grizzled man who never wastes words. He considers anyone without gray hair to be a boy. He would never rat anyone out.

When the Moshaine Shaido are separated from the rest of the Shaido by stepping through one of Sammael's gateways, they are surrounded by enemy Aiel and wetlanders. Laerad tells Maeric, the sept chief, that there are spears coming over a hill three or four miles to the south; there are eight thousand or more, and they saw one of the Moshaine boys, so they know that the Moshaine are there. Laerad does not waste words in telling this, and Maeric knows that Laerad would never say which boy it was.

The Moshaine warriors go to dance their deaths against the enemies that surround them.

(Reference: A Crown of Swords, Chapter 40)