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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Lir Baryn is the High Seat of the Andoran House Baryn (LoC, Ch. 1). The sigil of House Baryn is the Winged Hammer (CoT, Ch. 15). His sister is Aedelle Baryn (CoT, Ch. 15).

Lir is described to be a whip of a man, blade-slender and blade-strong (TFoH, Ch. 19; LoC, Ch. 1). He is unctuous and smooth (LoC, Ch. 1).

Lir will attach himself to anyone who has strength. Over the course of six books, he has changed his allegiance from Gaebril to Rand to Arymilla to Elayne (TFoH, Ch. 19; LoC, Ch. 1; WH, Ch. 7; CoT, Ch. 15; KoD, Ch. 33)


  • Lir is at the Royal Palace in Caemlyn with Gaebril, Naean, Elenia, Arymilla, Nasin, Karind and other Andoran noble followers of Gaebril. When Morgase runs into them, she puts two and two together and realizes that Gaebril must be plotting against her since the nobles with him opposed her during the Succession (TFoH, Ch. 19).
  • Lir is at the Royal Palace in Caemlyn with Rand, Elenia, Arymilla, Jarid, Karind, Naean, Henren, Carlys, Daerilla, Elegar and other nobles who were once followers of Gaebril but now follow Rand. They watch Rand practice the sword against five opponents. The watchers applaud and compliment Rand on his skill. When Davram Bashere throws a knife at Rand to demonstrate that his practice with the sword is unnecessary because he can use saidin, every Andoran lord in the courtyard draws his sword (LoC, Ch. 1).
  • When it is announced that Mazrim Taim is at the gates, Rand tells the Andoran nobles to leave. They all argue, wanting to prove their false loyalty to Rand; Lir states firmly that he will stand at Rand's shoulder and will not run, but Rand orders them to leave and they do so (LoC, Ch. 2).
  • When Dyelin, Abelle, Ellorien and Luan visit the Royal Palace, on their way to Rand, Bashere takes them by a courtyard where Lir, Arymilla and the others are taking their ease in the Palace (LoC, Ch. 16).
  • Lir, Naean, Elenia and the other Andoran nobles who usually flock around the Royal Palace are not present, and Rand thinks that it must be because they learned that Merana and the rest of the Salidar embassy is on their way to the Palace. Because the Andorans never miss an audience from the Dragon Throne unless Rand sends them away, he decides that they must know the reason of the Aes Sedai visit as well, which is to intimidate Rand into obeying them (LoC, Ch. 49).
  • Deira tells Rand that Lir and the others have fled Caemlyn now that Dyelin has imprisoned Elenia and Naean for treason after proclaiming for the Lion Throne (ACoS, Ch. 7).
  • Dyelin tells Elayne that House Baryn and House Anshar are undecided on whether to follow Elenia or Naean. Dyelin only hopes that they do not choose to support the same one (WH, Prologue).
  • Lir supports Arymilla for the Lion Throne. He has not, however, published his support in writing (CoT, Ch. 15; KoD, Ch. 17).
  • Arymilla and her supporters are camped outside of Caemlyn (CoT, Ch. 15).
  • Lir, Karind, Naean, Elenia, Nasin and Sylvase dine with Arymilla. Over dinner, they discuss the siege on Caemlyn. Lir thinks that they should make a heavier push instead of all the "pin-prick attacks" they have been making (KoD, Ch. 17).
  • Arymilla and her followers plan to take the city by forcing the Far Madding Gate. During the battle that ensues, Lir is captured and brought, under escort, to Elayne. He is wearing a thoughtful expression rather than one that is defiant or sullen. Once Sylvase has declared for Trakand, Lir and Karind quickly follow suit, announcing that they will publish their support so that it is irrevocable. Elayne knows that Lir and Karind are only doing so in an attempt to gain favor, but accepts (KoD, Ch. 33).
  • In an attempt to prove his loyalty to Elayne, Lir gets into fights with mercenaries three times in two days (KoD, Ch. 35).
  • When Luan, Arathelle, Pelivar, Aemlyn, Ellorien and Abelle enter Caemlyn to speak with Elayne, Elayne meets them in the Grand Hall with her supporters. Elayne has warned Conail and Lir not to let Ellorien provoke them. When Ellorien comments that Elayne has gathered her support from among the children and Arymilla's leavings, Lir manages to restrain himself. After Abelle, Luan, Arathelle, Pelivar and Aemlyn declare for Trakand, Elayne and her supporters go to her apartments to dine (KoD, Ch. 35).


Lir opposed Morgase during the Succession (TFoH, Ch. 19).

He was one of the Andoran nobles who followed Rand around with false flatteries (LoC, Ch. 1). Rand thinks to himself that he only let Lir and the others stay in Caemlyn to try pushing Dyelin and the others into cooperation with him (ACoS, Ch. 7).

Arymilla thinks that Lir is ever eager to strike and has no subtlety (KoD, Ch. 17).

Elenia hopes that Lir and Karind will support her for the Lion Throne if she can get Naean on her side (CoT, Ch. 15).

Lir declares his support for Elayne after she has defeated Arymilla's forces (KoD, Ch. 33). Elayne thinks that he is too smooth by half (KoD, Ch. 35).


  • When Marande tells Morgase that Arymilla, Naean, Jarid, Lir and others are followers of Rand, it gives her hope, because they were enemies of hers. If Marande had named others such as Pelivar, Abelle, Luan, Arathelle, Ellorien or Aemlyn, she would have been more worried (LoC, Ch. 9).
  • Karind and Lir got singed badly by being slow to show their support when Morgase took the throne. This time, they will take their houses wherever the advantage lies the instant they see it clearly (CoT, Ch. 15).


"One's enemies usually do work together sooner or later. One must identify them before they have the chance to." (Lir to Rand; Lord of Chaos, Chapter 1)

"I stood for you, Elayne, and that means I always stand up for you," Lir said smoothly. He looked every inch the self-confident courtier in silver-embroidered green silk with House Baryn's silver Winged Hammer on the collar, yet he was too smooth by half, Lir was. "But I'll hold my temper whatever Ellorien says." The bond surged with fleeting contempt. Trying to demonstrate how loyal he was to Elayne, Lir had fought with mercenaries three times. In two days. The man had to have been searching for fights to managed that. (Lir and Elayne; Knife of Dreams, Chapter 35)