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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Lira works as a serving girl at Racelle Arovni's inn, The Blue Rose, in Canluum (NS, Ch. 16). She is dark-eyed and full-lipped (NS, Ch. 16).


  • Lira brings hot spiced wine to Lan and Ryne Venamar (NS, Ch. 16).
  • Lira whispers her name and an invitation to spend the night with her into Lan's ear (NS, Ch. 16).
  • Ryne tosses her a fat coin and gives her a slap on the bottom to send her on her way. She slips the coin into the neck of her dress and leaves, sending smoky glances at Lan over her shoulder (NS, Ch. 16).
  • After Lan battles six assassins and wins, Lira joins him and checks his wounds (NS, Ch. 16).


  • Bukama tells Lan that Lira is letting it be known to everyone that he won't be using his pallet that night, or be getting much sleep (NS, Ch. 16).
  • Lira thinks that Ryne doesn't know much about women (NS, Ch. 16).


"By tomorrow," she announced in a throaty voice, and loudly, "I'll have honored you till your knees won't hold you up." (Lira to Lan; New Spring, Chapter 16).

"Dark-eyed Lira reached Lan only moments before Bukama, the pair of them gently parting slashes in his clothes to examine his injuries. She shivered delicately as each was revealed, but she discussed whether an Aes Sedai should be sent for to give Healing and how much stitching was needed in as calm a tone as Bukama, and disparagingly dismissed his hand on the needle in favor of her own." (Lan; New Spring, Chapter 16).