List of Horses

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Akein: Tuon’s horse, a razor. In the Old Tongue, "swallow."

Aldazar: Furyk Karede’s horse, a bay gelding.

Aldieb: Moiraine’s horse, a white mare. In the Old Tongue, "Westwind."

Arrow: Birgitte’s horse, a lean gray.

Arrow: Moiraine’s horse.

Bela: Tam's horse, later Egwene’s.

Bloodlance: Harril’s horse.

Cat Dancer: Lan’s horse, a bay stallion.

Challenge: Gawyn's horse, a gelding.

Cloud: Jon Thane’s, later Rand’s horse. A tall gray with a black mane.

Daishar: Egwene’s horse. In the Old Tongue, "Glory."

Dart: Rodel’s horse.

Dawn Wind: Elenia’s horse, a bay male.

Dawnweave: A horse given to Rodel and killed by Trollocs.

Duster: Tylee's good, solid war-horse

Fireheart: Elayne’s horse, a black Gelding.

Firewisp: A horse ridden by Edesina when she leaves Mat for Tar Valon

Glimmer: A mare that is one of the prizes of the royal stable

Hammer: Tervail’s horse

Jeade'en: Rand’s horse

Lion: Orban’s horse

Lioness: Elayne’s horse

Loversknot: Nynaeve’s horse

Mageen: Aviendha’s horse

Mandarb: Lan’s horse

Mighty: Arganda's horse

Mist: Egwene’s horse

Moonflower: Leane’s horse

Moonglow: A Tairen mare that Mat gives to Joline when she leaves for the White Tower.

Moonshadow: Elayne's horse at the Last Battle, killed by Mellar's men

Nightlily: Nemaris’s horse

Niso: Barmellin’s horse

Piesa: Leya’s horse

Pips: Mat’s horse

Quick: Davram’s horse

Red: Rand’s horse

Redwing: Medore’s horse

Rising: A tall dun gelding that Birgitte rides when Elayne goes to Cairhien to claim the Sun Throne.

Rosebud: Selucia’s horse

Scouter: Bulen's packhorse, a white mare purchased by Lan.

Seiera: Min’s horse

Selfar: Talmane's Horse

Sidama: Galad's horse at the Last Battle.

Siswai: Aviendha’s horse

Sparrow: Toveine’s horse

Stayer: Perrin’s horse

Steady: Rodel’s horse

Stepper: Perrin’s horse

Stinger: Silviana's horse

Stout: Galad's horse until a trolloc kills it

Sun Lance: Bukama's’s horse

Swallow: Faile’s horse

Swift: Galina’s horse

Tai'daishar: Rand’s horse

Traveller: Gareth’s horse

Wildrose: Min’s horse

Wind: Olver’s horse

Wing: Sheriam’s horse

Winterfinch: Beonin’s horse. A brown mare with good endurance