Llamas and Drama

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Author: The Gray Ajah & Guests

A Gray Ajah Sitting Room 3-word Story

Srsly. Like when? "Now...new story" so decreed Liiane as she winked at the hot llama who was parking the car illegally in front of the Seanchan gas station. Seems like she opened a can of crunched tomatoes. This caused the french ambassador to laboriously cut the grass enchiladas Lijena placed so Mari could eat them which made her enormously unhappy. "Grass isn't sour like I thought it was!" Mari screamed "OH look it's Dragon fruit water. Can this weather be any more depressing than the fireworks of subservient damane? Hot greasy oil suddenly appeared on her face. "What the Albert Einstein was that red stuff that burned me?! Oh, fire, right. Who cares about hot oil anyway?" All the Grays spoke in LOLs, which caused such outbursts of win that the world collapsed in a big pile of awestruck saidar gone all redneck. "Yeeeeeee-HAAAAAW!"

Then on Tuesday Arie and Lij came upon another red necked gorilla who told Nini that Magz is the real amyrlin. A surprise was in store for those two chickies! All pink and glittery and covered in orangeade, the Addycat helped them build a racetrack! BOOOM!!!! As it exploded Addey-cat grinned cause Mari wrote stories about her! All the aspirants played a prank except Ennairam, because she had haircut problems as she nursed the baby torm Lon abandoned the crazy Grays! Mari saw a raken eat enchiladas happily. "Are those your shoes, or my grass enchiladas?!" Then the Cheshire smirked and sneered, "Duh! You lecherous kitty burrito! They're all gonna laugh with green in their teeth!"

"WTF?" All the Gray Aspirants ran around tripping over numerous spam posts, although they were deftly avoiding the saucy mama who was actually Vel disguised in pineapVELsauce, tasty, hotness! Vel's Fairy Princess wand was vibrating its dragon-flavored hawtness, while Lii watched amazed! Vel smiled smugly and decided that it was time cats like fish! Mari taught Yoga to those fishy Gaidin lurkers who couldn't be Accepteds.

The manpirants came too close to the end of Jojo's jerk when they realized it was too late for decency and time. That's when Sean decided to pour his heart out and started to gang up on those cats again...

This 3-word Story has unfortunately been eaten by Trollocs.

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