Lord of Chaos: Chapter 14

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Author: Caia al'Tamad

Dream Ter'angreal Chapter Icon.png

Dreams and Nightmares

Chapter Icon: Dream Ter'angreal

Points of View: Egwene, Nynaeve


Egwene gets pulled into Gawyn's dream


Egwene's Point of View:

Characters: Egwene

Setting: Space between Tel'aran'rhiod and the waking world

Egwene leaps out of Tar Valon after seeing Nynaeve and Elayne. She goes to the floating black space where everyone's dreams are little pinpricks. She wonders why Nynaeve and Elayne were in that section of the Tower. She also wonders about the weird women she has seen around the Tower in Tel'aran'rhiod. She wonders if any of the Aes Sedai in Salidar know about them, but she has no way of letting them know.

She continues to wander around and think of the two women she keeps seeing in Tel'aran'rhiod. One of them is a young beautiful Domani woman that looks rather misty. The other is a sturdy yet pretty woman with blue eyes and a very determined face. She seemed very solid and was popping up in many places that Egwene had tried to go. She had even been in Tear. Egwene was simply trying to learn hints and pieces of what was going on in the world, trying to learn something of Elaida's plans, anything that might prove useful.

After deciding against trying to break the ward on Rand's dreams again, she thinks about trying to locate Salidar again through Nynaeve and Elayne. She knows their dreams right away. While she is looking around, she keeps seeing one particular pinprick. It seems to be moving toward her and eventually does envelop her. She finds herself in a room with both Rand and Gawyn. They both pull swords and start fighting over her. Gawyn is dreaming of rescuing her from Rand. After killing Rand, Gawyn embraces Egwene and confesses his love for her. After many tries to break out of the dream, Egwene finally gives in to his kisses.

Nynaeve's Point of View:

Characters: Nynaeve, Elayne, Anaiya

Location: Salidar

Nynaeve is sitting on a stool, determined to stay awake as Theodrin ordered. She hears a shrill scream from outside and Elayne wakes. After hearing many more screams and shouts, Nynaeve thinks it is a bubble of evil. The night unfolds in chaos as the Aes Sedai start forming circles and fighting the inanimate objects that are attacking people. Several people die, some hung from their own bedsheets, or killed by flying pans. Anaiya Sedai thinks it is an attack by Sammael. Nynaeve and Elayne explain they had seen bubbles of evil before and that they doubted the Forsaken would attack by animating bed sheets, sticks, and clothing. Anaiya dismisses them and begins assigning those strong enough to start Healing those who need it. Nynaeve is sent to bed while Elayne continues to assist. Nynaeve says she will go to sleep, despite Theodrin. After all, she was ordered to sleep by Anaiya Sedai.


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Visions and Prophecies

Nicola's Foretellings

Elayne would be the Lion Sword, Aviendha the Dedicated Spear and Min she who sees beyond. The guardians are the Asha'man and the Aes Sedai the servants. Balance in numbers or some other way? The return would probably be the Seanchan. He who is dead may yet lives may refer to Rand living after his apparent death, though in the context of the rest of the Foretelling, it may refer to Lan apparently being killed fighting Demandred. Everyone on the Battlefied hears Rand telling Shai'tan "That man still fights", stunning the Shadow's army. (AMoL, Ch. 38)

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