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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


The full name was not recorded in the main series, but was given in the Wheel of Time Companion. Other information about the character is also included in the Companion, but we did not use it in the TarValon.Net Library.


Anaiya Carel was an Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah. As such, she was aligned with the rebel Aes Sedai. In Salidar, she established a decision-making council alongside Beonin, Carlinya, Morvrin, Myrelle, and Sheriam (TFoH, Ch. 27). Later, after she swore an oath of fealty to Egwene, she was elected as representative of her Ajah in Egwene's council (CoT, Ch. 16). She was bonded to Setagana (CoT, Ch. 20).

She was a hand taller than Moiraine, plain-faced and kindly with dark hair and a warm smile, which most considered to be her only beauty (TGH, Ch. 4; NS, Ch. 10).


  • Anaiya taught an Accepted's class when Siuan turned 22; she had an argument with Siuan on the empires after Artur Hawkwing, resulting in Siuan working in the kitchen for the next two months (TFoH, Ch. 26).
  • She was in the Tower when Morgase came to be trained (TGH, Ch. 4).
  • She participated in Moiraine's raising for the shawl, representing the Blue Ajah, and made her "remember what has to be remembered" (NS, Ch. 9).
  • After the test, Anaiya Healed Moiraine and escorted her back to the Accepted's Quarters with Verin (NS, Ch. 10).
  • She welcomed Siuan and Moiraine after they were raised to Aes Sedai and took them to their quarters. Later she comes to Moiraine again to offer Healing because of the tightness of the Oaths (NS, Ch. 12).
  • Anaiya began teaching Moiraine and Siuan weaves and other things that are reserved for sisterhood (NS, Ch. 14).
  • She tried Healing the wound Verin received in Tel'aran'rhiod, but Verin still bears a scar (TDR, Ch. 21).
  • Once, Lan had nearly run himself to death, carrying Moiraine to Anaiya for Healing (TGH, Ch. 22).
  • She taught some of the lessons about opening oneself to the True Source and about angreal (TDR, Ch. 18).
  • Although not directly mentioned, she was a part of the Amyrlin's entourage when she arrived at Fal Dara (TGH, Ch. 2).
  • She and Liandrin summoned Moiraine to an audience with the Amyrlin and Anaiya told Moiraine about rumors and news (TGH, Ch. 4).
  • She supervised the loading at the dock in Medo. Egwene came to her and asked where Moiraine was, because she needed to talk to her. Anaiya replied that Moiraine was gone and Egwene told her about her Dream and that she thought Rand was in danger. This made Anaiya consider that Egwene might be a Dreamer (TGH, Ch. 12).
  • Egwene told her everything about her dreams, but she excluded "the man with the mask", Ba'alzamon (TGH, Ch. 18).
  • Anaiya made Egwene write down her dreams, but they told her no more than that Egwene missed Rand (TGH, Ch. 38).
  • She was one of the Aes Sedai who Healed Mat from his link to the dagger from Shadar Logoth. She enclosed the dagger in a metal box (TDR, Ch. 18).
  • Once when Elayne, Egwene, and Nynaeve were scrubbing pots, she came to get her supper (TDR, Ch. 27).
  • She visited Mat to Delve him and ensured him he will get the food he needed to recover (TDR, Ch. 30).
  • When Min, Siuan, Leane, and Logain arrived at Salidar, Anaiya asked Leane and Siuan several questions that only they could know the answers to, since being stilled affected their appearance (TFoH, Ch. 26).
  • A few days after the arrival of Siuan, Leane, Min, and Logain, the council decided to send ferrets back into the Tower (ACoS, Ch. 8).
  • She was among the rebel Aes Sedai leaders to discuss the choice of an Amyrlin and moving against Elaida (TFoH, Ch. 27).
  • When Gareth Bryne arrived at Salidar, Anaiya and the other Aes Sedai told him that he could not have the oathbreakers (Siuan, Leane, and Min) he was chasing after yet, but after he had let it be known he had no objection in staying, they gave him Siuan as his bodyservant. Anaiya was also in favor of the proposal of engaging Bryne as their army leader (TFoH, Ch. 28).
  • When Elayne and Nynaeve arrived at Salidar, they were brought to Anaiya and the others. The council was not happy about their long absence (TFoH, Ch. 50).
  • Elayne and Nynaeve had to teach the council whatever they knew about Tel'aran'rhiod (TFoH, Ch. 54).
  • She complimented Elayne on her and Nynaeve's discoveries (LoC, Prologue).
  • On a trip into the White Tower in Tel'aran'rhiod, Anaiya and the others were trapped in a nightmare. She was hung up by her wrists with Trollocs flogging her, until they followed Elayne's instructions to free themselves (LoC, Ch. 7).
  • The council met the Tower ambassador Tarna Feir and told her they would consider Elaida's proposal (LoC, Ch. 12).
  • She led a linked circle when a bubble of evil struck in Salidar. Afterwards, she told novices and Accepted either to stay and help or to go to bed (LoC, Ch. 14).
  • Anaiya told Lucilde to go tell Delana that Halima had arrived (LoC, Ch. 30).
  • In the Heart of the Stone in Tel'aran'rhiod, the council summoned Egwene to Salidar. Anaiya told her to be quick about it (LoC, Ch. 32).
  • When Egwene arrived, she was brought to the council. Anaiya was quite surprised that she appeared so fast (LoC, Ch. 34).
  • They prepared Egwene for the ceremony. Anaiya waited outside while Egwene was brought to the Little Tower (LoC, Ch. 35).
  • She had prepared Egwene's rooms for her arrival. The council gave Egwene a lot of information and planned her speech for the following day (LoC, Ch. 36).
  • When Mat arrived at Salidar, Nicola told Anaiya that she saw him glowing. After Anaiya sent her away, she turned her attention to Aviendha (LoC, Ch. 38).
  • Anaiya, Beonin, and Myrelle were to ride to the Andoran's and Murandian's camp with their Warders to secretly arrange a meeting with them (TPoD, Ch. 15).
  • She accompanied Egwene when she scouted the riverbank of the Erinin. Like the other Aes Sedai, she protested after Egwene allowed Beonin to open negotiations with Elaida (CoT, Ch. 16).
  • On their way back to the camp, they discussed the pros and cons of the talks with Elaida and when they reached the camp, Anaiya was to search out the First Selector (CoT, Ch. 17).
  • Anaiya came to fetch Egwene for a meeting of the Hall when Akarrin and her group returned from Shadar Logoth (CoT, Ch. 18).
  • While Egwene's council escorted her to the meeting, Anaiya told her about how Moria saw their current situation and what she might do (CoT, Ch. 19).
  • She and her Warder were killed by Aran'gar in the middle of the night. Some workmen heard muffled shouts (CoT, Ch. 20).

Strengths and Talents

She was stronger than Kairen and Cabriana (NS, Ch. 12).

She must have been good at Healing (NS, Ch. 10).

She was as strong as Cetalia Delarme (NS, Ch. 12).


She was long time friends with Cabriana and Kairen, but both deferred to her, because of their strengths in the Power (NS, Ch. 12). They were often called "the Three" because of their closeness (KoD, Ch. 23).

Moiraine thought of her as a warm and open woman and liked talks with her, which were comforting for her. She founded a close friendship with Anaiya (NS, Ch. 14; TGH, Ch. 4).

Siuan could not understand Moiraine's liking of Anaiya. A negative point for her was that she could not prod Anaiya where she wanted to and that Anaiya quietly refused instead of arguing (NS, Ch. 14; TFoH, Ch. 27).

Egwene saw in Anaiya a woman from home, in a comforting way. She entrusted her Dreams to Anaiya, who was the first to consider Egwene's Talent (TGH, Ch. 12; CoT, Ch. 30). After Egwene had been raised to the Amyrlin Seat, she did not trust Anaiya as much as she did Leane (CoT, Ch. 17).

Everyone felt comforted by her motherly appearance and warm smile. It was often that they felt special when she smiled at them. She was also thought of as a farmwife rather than an Aes Sedai (TGH, Ch. 4; TFoH, Ch. 28).


  • She accepted everything as how it occurred and saw to the heart of things. She was unflappable, as implacable as a boulder and said what she meant (TGH, Ch. 4; CoT, Ch. 19).
  • Like the others of the council, she was aware that she might have been exiled if Egwene had been refused the Amyrlin Seat (LoC, Ch. 35).
  • She loved lace on clothes as well as furnishings (NS, Ch. 14; CoT, Ch. 20).
  • She had been Aes Sedai for fifty or sixty years when Kairen Stang came to the Tower (CoT, Ch. 30).
  • She was known for her arcane knowledge and more than one sister thought she should have chosen Brown Ajah (TGH, Ch. 4; CoT, Ch. 30).
  • She gave Egwene a red silk robe with Murandian lace edge as a gift (CoT, Ch. 20).
  • After Nisao tells Egwene of Anaiya's death, Egwene wants her to start investigating (CoT, Ch. 20).
  • Lelaine later asks Nisao to stop asking questions about Anaiya and Kairen, but Nisao is determined to find out the link between them (KoD, Ch. 23).


"If blushes counted as breaking calm, no one would ever reach the shawl," Anaiya replied, adjusting her own with a laugh. (Anaiya to Moiraine; New Spring, Chapter 10)

"What I would not give for even one sister from among the Aiel. Just one. We know too little of them."
Moiraine laughed. "Sometimes I think you belong in the Brown Ajah, Anaiya." (Anaiya and Moiraine; The Great Hunt, Chapter 4)

"You seem much better," she told him, smiling. Her smile made him think of his mother. "Even hungrier than I expected, so I hear, but better. I am informed you are trying to eat the larders bare. Believe me when I say we will see you have all the food you need. You do not have to worry that we'll let you miss a meal before you are fully well again." (Anaiya to Mat; The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 30)

"We understand your reasons for disliking Elaida, even hating her. We do understand, but we must think of the Tower, and the world. I confess I do not like Elaida myself. But then, I have never liked Siuan, either. It is not necessary to like the Amyrlin Seat. There is no need to glare so, Siuan. You have had a file for a tongue since you were a novice, and it has only roughened with the years. And as Amyrlin, you pushed sisters where you wanted and only seldom explained why. The two do not make a likable combination." (Anaiya to Siuan and Leane; The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 27)