Lord of Chaos: Chapter 8

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

A'dam Chapter Icon.png

The Storm Gathers

Chapter Icon: a'dam

Point of View: Nynaeve

Setting: Salidar

Characters: Nynaeve, Elayne, Moghedien, Logain, Lady Sarena, Lelaine, Burin Shaeren, Siuan, Gareth Bryne, Theodrin


As the chapter begins, Nynaeve awakens. As she and Elayne ready themselves for the day, Elayne tells her about what had happened in Tel'aran'rhiod after Nynaeve and Leane had left. Nynaeve begins to grumble about how the Aes Sedai think they know everything, and then mentions to Elayne that she thinks she saw Rand in Tel'aran'rhiod, and Elayne bemoans the fact that she isn't with him.

After they finish dressing and Elayne leaves, Nynaeve wanders off to find Moghedien. She finds the Forsaken washing clothes with some other women. The woman in charge tells Nynaeve that Myrelle had told her that "Marigan" could help with the washing, so Nynaeve takes off. As she walks, she sees Myrelle, but luckily for Nynaeve, the Aes Sedai does not notice her.

Eventually, she finds Logain, who is surrounded by people. He is telling them his story of how the Red Ajah set him up as a false Dragon. Lelaine and her Warder, Burin Shaeren, are keeping watch over him. When he finishes his tale, Lelaine assures them that Logain no longer wants glory, and that their lands are in no danger from him. When Lelaine notices Nynaeve, Nynaeve hastily curtsies and then hurries off.

Next, Nynaeve comes upon Siuan, who is facing off Gareth Bryne. They are fighting over the fact that he tried to pay her a compliment, and how she had nearly snapped his head off for it. After Gareth leaves, Nynaeve informs Siuan that she means to study her stilling, since Nynaeve has only had two chances so far to study her.

Leane shows up. "I tried to talk them out of it. Only they had not listened to you enough to even consider it. You won't be meeting the Wise Ones tonight." When Leane and Siuan stalk off, Lelaine, who was standing behind them, remarks that Siuan and Leane should be sent off to Tiana, the Mistress of Novices, for always seeming to fight with each other. Lelaine then asks Nynaeve what she thinks Rand will do. Nynaeve tells Lelaine that she has not seen Rand in half a year, and that she knows nothing of what he is doing. Lelaine goes on to mention Egwene, Mat and Perrin. Lelaine then tries to talk Nynaeve out of trying to Heal Siuan and Leane, but she refuses.

When Nynaeve leaves, she passes by Uno, who is training heavy cavalry for the Salidar army. He smiles at her, and she moves on. She eventually runs into Elayne's novice class. As she watches, Theodrin approaches her. They speak of Nynaeve's block, and Theodrin informs Nynaeve that they will work on breaking Nynaeve's block the next day.

Nynaeve goes back to her room to lie down, when Moghedien bursts into the room, angry that her hands are wrinkly from doing laundry. Nynaeve tells Moghedien that she wants to go over the lesson of learning to detect a man channeling saidin again.

After quite a while of practicing, Elayne enters the room, with the news that an emissary from the White Tower has arrived.

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