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The mentorship program

Early in the Tower's history, a mentorship program for Novices and Recruits was established. Tower Sworn acted as guides to the Tower Initiates and helped them find their way through the Tower. Though much of the mentorship program has changed, the basic principles behind it have stayed the same.

This relationship is used differently by everyone, but it is primarily a relationship of usefulness. Mentors are there to answer procedural questions, listen to concerns, and offer advice. They also should know their mentees well enough that they can provide a recommendation as to whether or not their mentees are ready to become Accepted/Soldiers. This relationship may change somewhat as the mentee progresses in familiarity with the community and knowledge of the Tower, but it can be useful for those who are conflicted over which Ajah/Company to join.

Having a mentor

Once you become a Novice/Recruit, the Master/Mistress of Novices and Recruits will welcome you with a thread in their Office. Included in the welcome thread is the mentee questionnaire. Your administrator will use this questionnaire to pair you with a mentor who best suits your personality and tastes. This process may take up to two weeks; if two weeks have passed after you have answered the questionnaire, please contact your Community Membership administrator. Typically, a novice or recruit is given two mentors - one from each path, to give them a wider range of knowledge to draw from as they integrate themselves further into the Tower.

Mentors may be useful in a variety of ways. If you have random questions about the Tower or how things work or who the administrators are, your mentor is the first person you should ask. If you have an issue with another member, mentors will often know how to handle things. If you have concerns or uncertainties about which Ajah/Company you want to join, they'll offer another perspective. They give references for you when you are ready to progress to Accepted/Soldier.

The relationship really depends upon you and your mentor. Some Tower Initiates want a more constant presence, and others want someone who's hands off.

My mentor has disappeared! What do I do?

If your mentor is on a leave of absence or has just disappeared, and you have had no contact with him/her for a while, please contact your Community Membership administrator and explain the situation. Often your administrator will assign you another mentor. If you are ready to be raised, your administrator will ask someone else who knows you well to write a reference, and all will be well. This does not look badly upon you or hurt your chances at being raised, so please don't hesitate to talk to your administrator if this situation has occurred!

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