Master Hightower

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Author: Taimi Vandene


Master Hightower is ferryman who takes Rand and his company over River Taren on their way to Baerlon. He is a greedy man, and Lan thinks that if the price was right, he might sell his own mother to Trollocs for stew meat (TEotW, Ch. 12).

He has narrow face with pointed features, resembling a ferret (TEotW, Ch. 11; Ch. 12).


  • Moiraine and Lan, who are leading Two Rivers people's escape after Winternight, come to Master Hightower's ferry late at night, wanting to cross River Taren. At first, Master Hightower doesn't want to take them over the river at night and in fog, but Lan gives him so much gold that he changes his mind (TEotW, Ch. 11).
  • For a moment, Moiraine and Lan believe that he and his men might have wanted to rob them. There is not, however, any incident. When they have got safely across the river, there is a whirlpool in the river that sinks the ferry. Lan gives Master Hightower gold to compensate the loss. Hightower snatches the coins, scared, and runs into the mist. It is very probable, that sinking of the ferry was Moiraine's doing (TEotW, Ch. 11; Ch. 12).
  • Later, Nynaeve finds Master Hightower hiding in his bedroom and bullies him to row her over the river (TEotW, Ch. 15).


"The ferry goes over in daylight. Not in the night. Not ever. And not in the fog, neither. Come back when the sun's up and the fog's gone." (The Eye of the World, Chapter 11)

"There was mention made for more gold for the crossing." He looked around at them again, a sullen, sly look. "What you gave me before is in a safe place now, hear? It's none of it where you can get at it." (The Eye of the World, Chapter 12)

"No whirlpools in Taren." Hightower sounded empty. "Never been a whirlpool." (The Eye of the World, Chapter 12)