Member Spotlight: Ilverin Matriam (II)

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Author: Jahily al'Karee
Published: May 13, 2021 Tar Valon Times Blog

It’s time for our next spotlight! This time featuring the talented multi-tasker, Ilverin Matriam. Ilverin is an Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah; she is currently serving as the Director of Research and Records, a Tower Gatekeeper, writing for the Tar Valon Times, and creating for the Graphics Development Team. Let’s learn more about this accomplished member of our community.

Ilverin and her husband live in a small Bulgarian city, where they have put down roots by recently buying their first apartment. They are both in the field of web development, and work remotely for the same company. Ilverin and her husband are the proud parents of three fur children — cats with lots of personality and attitude, as seen here:

It turns out that Ilverin is just as active off the site as on. When I asked about other hobbies or interests, she said, “I really like to learn new things and try out new craft-related hobbies. On the side, I dabble a little bit with digital painting, and I like sketching with just pencil and paper. I like graphic and web design, which also helps me with my web developer job. I also like to do yoga, and go to the gym.”

As for TarValon.Net, she became hooked on the Wheel of Time as soon as she started reading it. She wanted to find a group to discuss the series. Or as she calls it, her “mild obsession.” Ilverin said that she didn’t do much discussion of the books on the forums, but stayed because she enjoyed the community, and the friends she’s made.

Ilverin was raised Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah in 2007. She says Gray has changed and evolved over the years, but she likes how that has worked out and where things are now. After a break from the site, she returned in 2017, and decided that the best way to stay active was to serve in a position. She started applying and working in areas she felt comfortable with. One thing led to another, and at one point (recently!) she was on a total of eight teams or positions held, all at the same time! One of the teams she served on was editing the Library, and it really sparked her interest. Ilverin began to look toward the Director of Research and Records position to see if this would be a good fit for her talents and skill set. She has served in a lot of different roles, trying to learn something from each one along the way. (On a personal note, I have to say she’s truly a joy to work with!)

What does she hope to accomplish in her Director role? “My goals (as I believe every other Director’s before me) are to make our Library a great source of WoT information, especially with the coming of the TV show. I want more and more people to come and check it out and use it as reference. If possible I would like to reach a wider audience … and possibly translating articles in other languages.”

If you’re interested in learning more about the Library, wiki-editing, or just chatting with Ilverin in general, she’s just a PM or Discord message away.