Member Spotlight – Analiese Sinclaer

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Author: Ilverin Matriam
Published: April 9 2021 Tar Valon Times Blog Link

Our outgoing Company Commander of the San d’ma Shadar Company, Analiese Sinclaer, is one of our Member Spotlights for the month of April. Analiese has served her Company in all aspects – she has been an Honour Guard and served in the Hall as Warder Councilor, prior to her term as Company Commander. Outside of her Company, Analiese has also served as part of the Outreach Activities Team and has been part of the Social Marketing Team.

In real life, Analiese is a mother of two and she is married to Kelvin Sinclaer, Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. Currently she is staying at home and homeschooling her son during the pandemic. The plan is to continue homeschooling even after the world returns to normal.

Before the world went crazy last year, Analiese’s hobbies included being more social by playing with her nieces and nephews, and going to events such as Renaissance Faires and traveling. Because these things cannot really be done now, due to safety reasons, Analiese likes to spend her time reading fanfiction, playing D&D Beyond with friends over skype, video gaming and watching TV shows.

Analiese says she found TarValon.Net a long time ago and really wanted to join, however it wasn’t possible due to the computer lab at school not letting students create accounts. After getting the internet at home and being able to create an account, she finally joined us in 2010 and has fluctuated between low and high activity due to that nasty Real Life keeping her away.

The first time she joined TarValon.Net Analiese said she “had a blast in the Guilds” and enjoyed playing around the City. Later, after reaching the level of Accepted, real life demanded her attention and so Analiese decided to retire. By the time she joined again, the community had decided to include Integration, which enabled Analiese to choose the path of Gaidin.

What is really incredible about Analiese’s raisings through the ranks is that she was able to have two live raisings! First to Soldier and then later to Gaidin, on the exact same day, exactly one year apart at TarValon.Net’s Anniversary Parties.

When asked about finding her home Analiese says, “I picked SDS because of the Creed… it just kinda resonated.”

Analiese has always had her Brothers’ full support as a member of SDS and she says that being their Company Commander has been “really wonderful.” She hopes to serve in this capacity again, hopefully once the world is back to normal and they can gather together at parties and drink the infamous SDS traditional drink – the Don Julio 1942 tequila.