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Произношение: Ранд ал'Тор

Ранд ал'Тор is one of the main characters in the book series The Wheel of Time. He is a young man from Emond's Field, one of the villages in the Two Rivers. His best friends are Mat Cauthon and Perrin Aybara.

In the WoT TV Series, Rand al'Thor is played by dutch actor [whatshisname], ....


Външен Вид

Rand looks much like an Aiel. He is considered to be tall in the Westlands, though with the Aiel his height isn't so distinguishable. His hair has a reddish tint to it, and he has gray eyes. (TEotW, Ch. 1) He looks very much like his birth mother, Tigraine. He has only one hand, having lost his right. His remaining hand has a heron imprinted on it and both arms have sinuous dragon tattoos winding up them.


Like all of the people from the Two Rivers, Rand can give a mule lessons in stubbornness. In his younger years, he had a taste for pranks, and often accompanied Mat on his famous escapades. Since being named the Dragon Reborn, he has become serious, grim, and intent on pushing away all those who are important to him.

Съкратена Хронология

Пътешествието на Ранд

Окото на Света

Rand's journey from Sheepherder to Dragon Reborn begins on the road from Tam's farm to Emond's Field. (TEotW, Ch. 1) When he spots a Fade on the road, this propels him and his friends, Mat and Perrin, into the path of Moiraine Damodred and Lan Mandragoran. (TEotW, Ch. 2) After the farm and village are attacked by Trollocs (TEotW, Ch. 5), Moiraine and Lan convince the boys that they need to leave Emond's Field or it will be destroyed. (TEotW, Ch. 8) Joining them are Egwene and Thom. (TEotW, Ch. 10)

Великия Лов

Прероденият Дракон

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Небесният Огън

Господарят на Хаоса

Силни страни и таланти

As the series progresses, Rand finds that he suddenly has talent for both drawing and playing the flute; both of these talents come from Lews Therin Telamon.

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Видения и пророчества


Цитати за Ранд

Цитати на Ранд

"I am tired of running. Tired of you threatening my friends. I will run no more. (Rand to Ba'alzamon; TEotW, Ch. 51)

"I deny you. You have no power over me, and I will not kneel to you, alive or dead." (Rand to Ba'alzamon, TEotW, Ch. 51)

"No, I can't. I mean...I didn't do it on purpose. It just happened. I don't want to-to channel the Power. I won't ever do it again. I swear it." (Rand to Moiraine, Siuan and Verin, TGH, Ch. 8)

"That's right! The Dragon's banner! Moiraine wants me to be a puppet on Tar Valon strings, a false Dragon for the Aes Sedai. She's going to push it down my throat whatever I want. But-I-will-not-be-used!" (Rand to Mat and Perrin; TGH, Ch. 11)

"Duty. Death is lighter than a feather, duty heavier than a mountain. That's what they say in Shienar. 'The Dark One is stirring. The Last Battle is coming. And the Dragon Reborn has to face the Dark One in the Last Battle, or the Shadow will cover everything. The Wheel of Time broken. Every Age remade in the Dark One's image.' There's only me. I have the duty, because there isn't anybody else, now is there?" (Rand to Perrin; TDR, Ch. 2)