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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Rhiale is a Wise One of the Shaido Aiel. She is blue-eyed (ACoS, Ch. 20) and flame-haired (TPoD, Ch. 11).


  • Two days after the battle, she and the other Wise Ones activate the call box "Caddar" (Sammael) had given Sevanna to call him (ACoS, Ch. 20).
  • Rhiale mentions to Sevanna that Efalin and the other Maidens said Galina admitted killing Desaine. Sammael then appears disguised as Caddar with Graendal as Maisia by his side and opens gateways to scatter the Shaido. Rhiale follows Sevanna and the other channeling Wise Ones to Ghealdan (ACoS, Ch. 40).
  • She reached the decision with the other Wise Ones that Sevanna is to have Therava as her advisor (TPoD, Ch. 11).
  • After the Wise Ones question a Seanchan soldier, they make Galina swear to obey them, Sevanna and Therava most of all (TPoD, Ch. 11).


"Sevanna intends to break her. We have had long talks of what to do should we capture any Aes Sedai. Sevanna wants a tame Aes Sedai to wear white and serve her. An Aes Sedai in black will do well enough, though." (Rhiale to Therava about Galina; A Crown of Swords, Chapter 40)