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February 2003

TarValon.Net members came together and decided on a set of questions to ask Robert Jordan about his series in an attempt to create an informal interview. Members from all over the country worked together to create this list, and we are pleased to finaly share the most interesting answers with you! All answers are paraphrased but are as accurate our our memories allow.

1. What would a worm in the Blight turn into?

Nothing you would want to meet.

2. Was Ishamael lying when he told Rand that the hero of the light had turned to the Shadow in other lifetimes?

No he was not. Even those who lie sometimes tell the truth when it serves their purposes.

3. Could a gholam have drawn Callandor?

Read and Find Out

4. Are all the Aes Sedai shawls identical, or are they unique to the individual?

They are unique to each woman. The only mandatory parts are the white flame of Tar Valon, and the Ajah colored fringe.

5. If I were to open a gateway in front of me that opened behind me, and I balefired myself, what would happen?

Young lady, you are entirely too obessed and have far too much time. You need to get some sort of life. I suggest you go have an intense love affair. Doesnt matter with who, be it man, woman, or German Shephard.

6. Would you be willing to tell me what the titles are for the Heads of the Blue and Brown Ajahs?

Nah. I used to tell people stuff like that casually, but lately I think that it's better just to read these things as they are mentioned in the books.

7. In the Wheel of Time mythos, how do extinct animals come back into existance when the Wheel comes back around?

Well, the world I created is based on the ideas and conceptions of the world from a roughly medieval viewpoint; time being circular and such. I didn't quite try to make it completely scientifically accurate, so there really is no answer for the question.

8. If an Aes Sedai is stilled and then Healed, what happens to the bond with her Warder(s), if they don't die?

Once the bond is severed, it's severed.

9. What do the Tinkers traditionally do with males among them that begin channeling? Are they turned over to an Aes Sedai?

They are just shunned from the group and cast out, since they are inherently violent and considered an abomination to them.

10. Can you channel from a Well while you are shielded?

Yes, they could. If they had the Well.

It has also been further confirmed that:

- Taimandred is bogus.

- Rand has only one soul, but has two personalities.

- Museam Replicas will be producing the Sword and Dragon pins as well as an approved version of the great serpent ring (which apparently goes around the finger twice before biting its own tail).

- Someone has correctly deduced who killed Asmodean, so no one should ever ask him that question again.