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With the approval of the Unofficial Guesting Program at the Spring 2012 Admin Meeting, San d'ma Shadar chose to opt into the program. The following people have been added to our forum as guests and are now known as "Drinking Buddies".

Addelyn al'Vera Addelyn al'Vera aka Amaretta Red teardrop.png
Ariadne Davion Ariadne Davion aka Andrea Yellow teardrop.png
Eleyan Teyal Al'Landerin Eleyan Teyal Al'Landerin aka Melissa Green teardrop.png
Jaim al'Bearach Jaim al'Bearach aka Jim
Karassa Souladrin Karassa Souladrin aka Audrey Blue teardrop.png

Rhed al'Tere Rhed al'Tere aka Red Brown teardrop.png

Tian el'Nvidia Tian el'Nvidia aka Christina Green teardrop.png

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