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RedAjah4.png Sailea is an Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah.

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Sailea Nerid
Real Name Kate
Location Bulgaria
Birthday January 14
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Affiliation Red Ajah
Rank Aes Sedai
Join Date January 17, 2014
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September 25, 2016

Why did you choose Red?

I think the main reason was that in Red I can be myself without being worried I will offend someone and even if I do I know it will be told to me directly and we can work things out. I love the unique strength my sisters possess and the fact we live in balance even though we have so many strong characters there.

Are you like the Red in the Books? Do you dislike men? Are you a driven woman with her own goals in life?

Of course I am, I hate men and live to make them miserable! Seriously, I don’t think anyone in our Ajah hates men, quite the opposite. I am a driven woman though and I have really high goals which I am working hard to achieve.

Do you have a favorite Red Ajah character from the novels?

It must be Pevara. I like her motivation and adaptation skills. She goes through a lot of changes and her character is well-developed which makes me love her even more, because we witness her changing.

How long have you been a fan of the Wheel of Time series?

Honestly it hasn’t been too long, maybe around 3 years. I was interested in the series for quite a while but didn’t have the time to start reading. Once I found the time I read the series for less than a year and I loved it.

How did you first get into the series?

A friend of mine was mentioning the series quite often and I decided that I should see what’s all the fuss about.

Who is your favorite "hero"?

Egwene is my favourite ‘heroine’. I think that if I could have switched places with anyone from the WoT world it would have been her. I guess it’s her determination and the willpower that attracted my attention together with her willingness to obey the rules and follow them rather than doing what she considers being right and finding she was wrong eventually. She seems very open-minded to me and ready to listen before jump into conclusions, something that Nynaeve, for example, lacks and which has irritated me while reading.

Favorite bad guy/gal?

It’s Graendal. I found her personal story and motivation rather interesting and her methods for fighting both the other Forsakens and the Light were really crafty. At the end she felt like a worthy opponent so to say.

Favorite book and scene?

My favourite book is The Fires of Heaven. As for a scene I do love the scene when Egwene serves dinner to Elaida and her guests and the way she faces Elaida’s anger. It was a very powerful scene in my opinion.

If you were set down in Randland, who/what would you see yourself as? An Aes Sedai? Innkeeper? Seanchan Captain?

I am certain I would have been an Aes Sedai.

How did you find TarValon.Net and what convinced you to stay and become Tower Sworn?

I found it via Google. I was looking for some information about the book series and I found it in the Library. I was intrigued by the structure that looked so much like the White Tower and I thought it would be enjoyable to climb all the steps and become Aes Sedai. I stayed because I loved the sense of community and how caring people are here. That was a great decision.

What do you do in "real life"?

I just finished my second Master’s degree in international law and I am currently looking for a job, preferably with an NGO engaged in human rights protection.

Do you have any hobbies?

I love travelling although it’s a rather expensive hobby. I like cooking, reading, writing, collecting things for a while since I am getting bored rather easily, oh and I collect memories like tickets from concerts, postcards from places I have been, etc. and I hope one day I can find someone to make them into a scrapbook since to say I am not crafty would be understatement.

What kind of music do you enjoy listening to?

I love a lot of styles. Usually I need to feel somehow connected to the song in order to say that I love it.

What are some of your favorite movies / television shows?

I am not a big movie fan but I like movies that make impression. One of my favourite is Pay It Forward. As TV shows I prefer comedies like The Simpsons. I deal with a lot of sad stories on daily basis like most people working with human rights and when I am not working I prefer to laugh so I can get rid of the stress.

Aside from The Wheel of Time, what are a few of your favorite books/series?

I have quite a lot but probably Harry Potter since it’s the series I grew up with and feel very attached to. I also love the Anne of Green Gables series which influenced my early childhood. I adore Japanese literature. My favourite book is The House of the Sleeping Beauties by Yasunari Kawabata. Other authors I love include but are not limited to Jean-Paul Sartre, O. Henry, Oscar Wilde, Haruki Murakami, J.R.R. Tolkien, Alexandre Dumas, and Virginia Woolf. I also enjoy various poets.

What profession did you want to have when you were a kid?

My earliest dream was to be a President. As you see I dream big :P