TVTT Brown Ajah Edition - The Brown Ajah in GIFS

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Feb2021 browntakeover.png

Author: Aintza Bisera
Published: February 4 2021 - Tar Valon Times Blog Link

(Editor's note: All gifs used in this article are hosted on links throughout this Library Archive version.)

What can I say about Brown, that hasn’t been said before?

Are we smart?

Are we sassy?

Are we sexy?

I mean…

Actually the Brown Ajah is pretty hard to put into words, so I’ll just stop trying and leave you with this:

And finally:

Do any of these GIFs have anything to do with the Brown Ajah?

That is precisely the point, we do what we want and have fun!

    • Disclaimer, most of them do not in fact have anything to do with the Brown Ajah.