TVTT Gray Ajah Edition - The Artistic Side of the Gray Ajah

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Author: Ilverin Matriam & Siera al'Cere
Published: December 3 2020 Tar Valon Times Blog

You might not be aware, but we have several artistic Gray Ajah Aes Sedai, interested in graphic design, painting, web development and web design work etc.

The Wheel of Time has been a big part of our inspiration and has been in the center of many of our artistic outlets. The pieces that the Gray Ajah decided to share are from Siera al'Cere and Ilverin Matriam. These are their stories.

Siera’s Story

It’s been over a decade since I first picked up the Wheel of Time series, but for that whole decade it’s been important to me so when I got assigned a school project to redesign a book cover using only typography, I knew, without a doubt, what I would be doing. So right away I got to work, trying to choose a font, and what would best represent the book series. I didn’t want anything too extravagant and I wanted it to speak for itself. We went thought a few revisions, I have multiple colours, but in the end, I wanted to stick with a blue that I believe I got off the current cover and just toned it down.

As you’ll see on the cover, I chose 2 blues, and have them swirled, just like the Two Rivers, where our story starts out. I also wanted to give sneak peaks in the cover, which is why I have a few words faded on the cover, and I made my own inter-looped wheel.

That being said, I remember being super proud of this project when I originally designed it, but I was only in my second year of school, so this was designed back in 2012 and looked at it now, there’s a lot that I would change and refine now that I have more knowledge and am in more comfortable in my profession, but for a younger version of me, it was a way to bring my reading passion and my designing passion together.

Siera's Cover.jpg

Ilverin’s Story

I decided to share two pieces in this issue of the TVT takeover, since both of them are close to my heart.

The first piece is a digital drawing I made by laying out a photo of me and drawing on top of it, to recreate my face as an Aes Sedai from the Wheel of Time book series. Additionally I added the glow of Saidar and a white ball of light, to represent my channeling abilities of course 😀 This was done back in 2011 or 2012 I believe.

Ilverin's Avatar.jpg

The second piece came later, after I read Towers of Midnight. Until that point I really didn’t like the character of Matrim Cauthon. He was never a character that was interesting to me, if anything he was just like that annoying little brother I never had 😛

Well, not to give out any spoilers, but I am just going to say that Towers of Midnight changed my perspective of Mat drastically and I just fell in love with him. I don’t know if that was Jordan’s writing or Sanderson’s, but the result is still the same.

So, this piece represents me giving Mat the fan girl glance! 😀

Ilverin's Art.jpg