TarValon.Net's March 2021 Recap

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Author: Aleita Taviah
Published: March 30 2021

It’s never a dull moment at TarValon.Net!


March was a very busy month, we saw lots of people giving back to TarValon.Net by taking up positions and there were many exciting happenings in the TarValon.Net Community Outreach Project, The Great Charity Hunt!


Congratulations to the following members, thank you for your service!


There was even a raising this month!



There were many positions and opportunities to get involved at TarValon.Net this month.

  • Forum Moderators and Discord Operators – Applications closed March 25th.
    • If you missed out this time, don’t worry! Applications open for these positions every six months.
  • Master or Mistress of Accepted & Soldiers – Applications closed March 25th.
  • Marketing Project Manager – Applications closed March 22nd.
  • Graphics Development Team – Applications closed March 28th.
    • Applications are ALWAYS OPEN for the Graphics Development Team, Social Marketing Team and Tar Valon Times Staff. If you are interested in being involved in any of these teams please contact marketing@tarvalon.net.
  • Headteacher – Applications close April 2nd.
    • If you’re interested in applying it’s definitely worth it! The Headteacher is now an 18 month rotating position.
  • Tar Valon Times Editor – Applications close April 1st.
    • This is one of the most rewarding positions this writer has ever held, cannot recommend enough!

Keep an eye out for April when we will have a brand new Editor at the helm and the Val’Cueran Tar Valon Times Takeover!