The Dragon Reborn: Chapter 11

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Author: Val a'Shain

Flame of Tar Valon Chapter Icon.png

Tar Valon

Chapter Icon: Flame of Tar Valon

Point of View: Egwene

Setting: Tar Valon, the White Tower

Characters: Egwene, Nynaeve, Elayne, Verin, Mat, Hurin, Sheriam


The group reach Tar Valon. The girls are sent to their rooms and told to be silent.


Egwene and company reach one of the bridges to the island Tar Valon is built on. Verin halts to talk to the guards for a moment. Egwene is impatient to get Mat into the Tower for Healing but Verin doesn't seem to be in a hurry. The guard tells them there has been little trouble with the Whitecloaks. The rumors of Falme have reached Tar Valon already. Verin tells the guard he should know better than to listen to them.

After they enter the city Hurin tells them he'll be leaving them now that they are in Tar Valon. He wants to get to Shienar and report to Lord Agelmar and the king about events in Falme as soon as possible. The rest of the company heads for the Tower. Verin tells them to let her do the talking whatever happens. She makes it clear whatever is waiting for them in the Tower will not be pleasant.

When they reach the Tower the Mistress of Novices is waiting for them. Two bearers quickly take Mat away. When Sheriam comments on the runaways Verin brought back Egwene begins to protest. She is quickly silenced by Verin though. Verin tells Sheriam to keep Nynaeve, Elayne and Egwene locked up in their room until the Amyrlin sends for them. They are not to speak a word to anybody. Sheriam sends them to their rooms with an Accepted each to keep an eye on them. Egwene's thoughts are with Mat though.


Character Development

  • She realises she may never see Emond's Field again, but she has begun to think of TarValon as home.
  • She is briefly jealous of Min talking about Rand


We are told men and women of every nation are in the streets – dark of skin and pale and everything in between


First Appearance

Faolain, Theodrin


First Mention

Darein, Eldone Market

First View



Does Sheriam know about the Horn?
Egwene thinks Faolain would choose Red.

Is this just because Faolain is unpleasant?


This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.


Where do dark-skinned people come from?

Probably Tear, this is the place most commonly associated with dark skin. Did the people living there always have dark skin or is this a post-Breaking development?

Egwene thinks Faolain would choose Red.

She goes Blue, but there was no option to go Red. Would she have gone Red, or did Egwene misjudge her because she is unpleasant?

Sheriam believes the girls ran away

She apparently wasn't told Liandrin tricked them

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