The Fires of Heaven: Chapter 33

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Author: Val a'Shain

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A Question of Crimson

Chapter Icon: A S'redit

Point of View: Nynaeve

Setting: Border between Amadicia and Ghealdan near Samara

Characters: Nynaeve, Thom, Luca, Juilin, Elayne, Aludra


Thom is practicing throwing knives at Nynaeve. Not that she actually intends to do this before an audience but Luca insisted they practise. If Thom so much as nicks her she will have his hide. Luca's insistence on wearing an indecent red dress does nothing to improve her mood either. Luca wants to know what happened to her eye but Nynaeve is not about to discuss the incident with Cerandin with him.

After she manages to get rid of Luca, Juilin reports he saw Galad in Samara. Just what they needed. As if their own situation isn't bad enough Elayne reported on the fighting in Cairhien last night. She is also worried about Rand. It appears he grows harder with each passing day. At least she gave up on flirting with Thom. Not that their new father-daughter behaviour is much better.

On her way back to the wagons Nynaeve meets Aludra. The Illuminator insists she takes another box of firesticks. Nynaeve isn't sure they won't spontaneously combust but she takes them anyway. When she reaches the wagon Elayne wants to know what happened to her eye. She tells Elayne a version of how she got into a fight with Cerandin after trying to pry information about the damane out of her. To change the subject Nynaeve wants to know why Elayne has been looking at the a'dam in their possession. Elayne tells her she thinks she can make one. Why anyone would want to try is beyond Nynaeve though. An a'dam is a filthy thing in her opinion. Elayne points out that if she can she will be the first to make a ter'angreal in thousands of years.

Nynaeve changes the subject again and tells her Juilin saw Galad in Samara. They are caught between the Whitecloaks and the mobs of the Prophet with a Forsaken hunting them. Nynaeve needs to remember where the rebel Aes Sedai are gathering. And they need a way to get away from the menagerie.




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