The Gathering Storm: Chapter 45

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Flame of Tar Valon Chapter Icon.png

The Tower Stands

Chapter Icon: Flame of Tar Valon

Point of View: Egwene

Setting: The Rebel Camp

Characters: Egwene, Lelaine, Romanda, Siuan, Bryne, Gawyn, Andaya


While the rebel Aes Sedai are getting ready to attack Tar Valon, a group with ten Sitters included approaches and announces that they have chosen to raise Egwene as their Amyrlin.


Egwene walks through the rebel camp wearing red to symbolise blood and the impending reunification with the Red Ajah. Over fifty members of the Black Ajah have been apprehended and beheaded although around twenty of those on Verin's list had escaped, with three more found not on the list. Lelaine comes to tell her Bryne is ready to attack. Romanda tells her that the women who went to deal with the Black Tower, including Myrelle, Theodrin, Nisao and Faolain have not been heard from since. Lelaine tells her the sleepweavers are gone. She speaks to Siuan, noticing that she has bonded Gareth. Over the bridge they see a force of Tower guard, around a thousand strong and wonder why it is so small. She decides to wait until the last moment before launching the attack.

As they are about to attack, they see a group of Aes Sedai, including ten Sitters, led by Andaya who tells them that the Hall have chosen to raise Egwene as their Amyrlin and that Elaida was captured in the Seanchan raid. Siuan advises caution but Egwene insists this is what they had wanted, a way to end it without bloodshed and that the Tower Aes Sedai must accept the rebels back, reinstate the Blue and let their army enter. They agree and she goes with them.

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