The Infamous Wheelbarrow

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Author: The Gray Ajah & Guests

A Gray Ajah Sitting Room 3-word Story

Once Upon a rooftop, there grew mattress, in the very centre of a large town. It was the randomness mess of simul-posting which caused people to quote the poetic stylings of a gray but we digress. Seven slippers were worn by seven tap dancing gorillas. Their faces grew so big that, after much debate, the princess tried chilled monkey brains while wearing no pink buttercup tassels. The consensus was blasphemous. The icicle dripped slowly over the twisted remains of your mother's inconceiveably large and dirty, hairy hands and caused a confusing ruckus of rodents of unusal cherry flavor to eat. "Look!" she shrieked, and kicked wildly until she hit her daughter's bookshelf, causing a disturbing turn of fabulously stylish events. On the other side of the merry-go-round, , there were 24 horses, playing a dozen golden trombones. "I want cotton... pizza!" they screamed! "Right now, or... I'll smash a... guitar, and set things on fire Her eyes began to EXPLODE! So she ran to the local Tupperware outlet, dragging a wheelbarrow full of bodies she had emptying the wheelbarrow which was previously full of bodies who had been in the wheelbarrow. But were now not in the wheelbarrow. She stepped on one of the dead bodies, and exclaimed, "Eek! I do not want this wheelbarrow that is no substitute for a purse! I must end this quote!" She finally entered complete catharsis, not the Tupperware store. Thank goodness for natural cleansing! If only someone had washed my favorite wheelbarrow, instead of soaking the roof with jello. Why not visit the men in wheelbarrows who are dead? The girl paused, by the wheelbarrow, pulled lighter fluidfrom under her skirt out, and set fire to the Tupperware store. Everyone in the streets started singing “Seasons of Love,” and began dancing on tables with enthusiastic circus bears! Those silly bears lost their hair. “Oh noes!” cried Magz Sedai, suddenly seeing the wheelbarrow tries to hurdle the dead bodies up the mountain but miserably fails. She fell into the wheelbarrow, which suddenly broke completely, and then she catapulted to the bed of a monster covered in kittens and candy. After doing the Macarena with a toaster in her unitard and moccasins, everyone just stopped to stare disbelievingly. Meanwhile, in a cornfield far away, Martians were constructing a huge dishshaped hairpiece for Tinn, who they knew would never know the pain of a great sandwich which had been left under a hot noon sun. So the hairpiece, to Tinn’s bad fortune, left a huge dent in his head so suddenly he couldn’t use his brain. Suddenly, a giant dingleberry flew from pie to cloud and bounced off an alien’s elbow. OUCH! Cried the elbow. “That hurt!” It continued, “Why did you have to fling poo?” The elbow replied “Sorry, the dingleberry just went astray.” Then Lii walked down the cliff and waited to meet a new seller of fine monkeys so that Nini could eat delicious monkey brains! But the monkeys had a rebellion where they threw chocolate at zoo-goers. “Silly monkeys!” cried the alien elbow, and glared at the freshly-dug plot of the wheelbarrow’s final resting place. Suddenly, the wheelbarrow rematerialized in front of Lii, who jumped into it and sped off into the sunset where they lived happily together until Aintza stole Wheelbarrow and experimented on its molecules, resulting in its demise. Lii was heartbroken until she saw a shiny new red land mower. She SQUEEEED gleefully, and promptly fell into a hole where she emerged with the wheelbarrow strapped to her like a big back with ducktape. Lii fell down, breaking the wheelbarrow, but fixed it. But the wheelbarrow was so awesome that it imploded, scaring Kiti half nekked, which caused birds to shield Tinn’s eyes, because he would explode if he found a sultry, sexy, nekked Accepted in a wheelbarrow. Kiti loved the wheelbarrow but broke it. Everyone knew, though, that Kiti would resurrect the wheelbarrow, even though she would be punished by midgets carrying home-made tasers.


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