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Author: Toral Delvar


When we first meet Basel, he is innkeeper of The Queen's Blessing, an inn in Caemlyn, Andor. He is fat and round-faced with grey hair that he combs back, but this does not cover his bald spot (TEotW, Ch. 35). People generally view this as vanity. He later becomes shambayan to Perrin and Faile after accompanying Morgase when she flees Andor and then Amador.


  • Basel provides Rand and Mat with a room and meal when they arrive in Caemlyn (TEotW, Ch. 35; Ch. 26).
  • He tells the Whitecloaks that they have no welcome in the Queen's Blessing when they come looking for Perrin (TEotW, Ch. 41).
  • Basel was questioned by Elaida when she found where Rand had been staying and she spoke well of him (TGH, Ch. 4).
  • When Basel hears of Gaebril's plan to kill Elayne, he decides to start a rumour about it in an attempt to protect Elayne (TDR, Ch. 46).
  • He accompanies Morgase when she goes hawking (LoC, Ch. 9).
  • He joins up with Perrin after Perrin rescues him from Masema's mobs and gives him a false story about who they are (TPoD, Ch. 7).
  • Perrin sends him north with the other servants, though he wants to stay and fight to free Faile (KoD, Ch. 29).


He had a long-time friendship with Thom and knew him well enough to realize that Mat and Rand must be in trouble with Aes Sedai (TEotW, Ch. 35).

He is very loyal to Morgase (TEotW, Ch. 35), as were his customers and staff (TEotW, Ch. 41).

He is not married to Coline, but Mat thinks she speaks as though she is (TDR, Ch. 45).


  • He didn't believe Thom is dead as he considers him a hard man to kill (TEotW, Ch. 35).
  • He did not like Gaebril, or the men he brought in, but could not give a specific reason for it (TDR, Ch. 47).


"The Queen holds with Tar Valon and I hold with the Queen." (To Moiraine; The Eye of the World, Chapter 44)

"The Light preserve me from that. You would think the inn was hers now. If she was my wife!..." (To Mat on being married to Coline; The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 45)

"Not much different from what I did running the Blessing really." (On being Shambayan; The Path of Daggers, Chapter 9).