Therva Maresis

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Author: Estyrien al'Halien


Therva Maresis is an Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah. She joined the Salidar Aes Sedai when the Tower split (TFoH, Ch. 50).

Therva has a long nose (LoC, Ch. 30). She is thin (CoT, Ch. 19).


  • 999 NE: Nynaeve demonstrates her Healing-stilling weave to all the Yellows in Salidar, including Therva (LoC, Ch. 30).
  • 1000 NE: Therva and the other sisters return to the rebel camp to report to the Hall (CoT, Ch. 19).


  • After seeing Nynaeve Heal Siuan and Leane, Therva begins to think that Fire might be useful for Healing the heart (LoC, Ch. 30).
  • Therva was not happy to be sent to Shadar Logoth. She was chosen because she was good at reading residues, not because she volunteered to go (CoT, Ch. 19).


"'...See where Fire might be useful in problems with the heart,' Therva said, tapping her long nose. Beldemaine... nodded thoughtfully." (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 30)

"Only Therva's long-nosed face wore a look of absolute serenity, completely unperturbed and unshakeable, yet that in itself was a bad sign. The Yellow sister was excitable by nature." (Egwene about Therva after her visit to Shadar Logoth; Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 19)