Towers of Midnight: Chapter 18

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Author: Bryce al'Mara

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The Strength of This Place

Chapter Icon: A Wolf

Points of View: Perrin, Ituralde, Faile


Perrin starts to learn how to use Tel'aran'rhiod while Ituralde is battling fiercely north of Maradon and Faile is taking care of the problem with Berelain.


Perrin's Point of View:

Setting: Tel'aran'rhiod

Characters: Perrin, Hopper

Perrin is in the World of Dreams and he inspects his camp noting that they have been there long enough to have affected Tel'aran'rhiod. He thinks about how he could set a trap for the Whitecloaks with the Asha'man and Wise Ones and destroy them completely. He then runs to the Whitecloak camp. He goes to the Lord Captain Commander's tent and watches as things appear and disappear grabbing a ring that appeared and that has the signet of a winged dagger. As Perrin walks away he sees an open cart with Hopper sitting inside. He tells Hopper he is ready to learn. Hopper tells Perrin to follow him and disappears. Perrin has no idea where he went then Hopper appears behind him telling him to follow. He explains to Hopper that he doesn't know how to follow. Hopper then tells Perrin to follow him to Emmonds Field. Hopper tells him to always remember his home so he doesn't come into the Wolf Dream too much. Hopper has him appear at several different places attacking him each time. Perrin gets better at responding as soon as he travels somewhere. They decide to run for a little while and come upon a translucent violet wall that extends into the sky. Hopper says it is wrongness and tells Perrin they must practice somewhere else. He leaves and Perrin follows.

Ituralde's Point of View:

Setting: A fortification a little north of Maradon

Characters: Ituralde, Lidrin

Ituralde watches as Trollocs make their way across the river and try to make their way up the hill. They fall at the pikemen but a Myrddraal is rushing up the pass with another group of Trollocs. Ituralde yells for the archers and the archers run by. He calls for Lidrin and tells him to make sure that the Trollocs do not make it through the top. As Ituralde is standing there something darkens the sky. He looks up and sees dead bodies of Trollocs raining down on them launched from trebuchets. They launch a few more waves of dead Trolloc bodies and Ituralde thinks about how he needs to pull the Lower camp back. Rajabi leads an effort to get all the wounded back for the Asha'man to heal. As the attack continues Ituralde realizes something is wrong wondering why they are shooting carcasses. He then notices that some of the carcasses are falling evenly and then realizes they aren't carcasses but Draghkar. He orders his archers to attack them but it is too late the Draghkar are killing men left and right. Ituralde lures one in by pretending to be caught by its call and then sticking his sword through its neck. He watches as Rajibi fell to one but cannot help him as another one is charging him. He sees fire catching some in the air and knew the Asha'man are helping them but he hears the war drums and knows the Trollocs are going to attack across the ford with huge strength.

Faile's Point of View:

Setting: Perrin's Camp

Characters: Faile, Berelain

Faile travels across the camp heading for Berelain's camp. At the entrance she meets guards who lead her to Berelain's tent. Berelain tells Faile she has been expecting this conversation and that the rumors are false. Berelain asks her why she is there then and Faile explains that she is there not because of whether it happened but because of what the camp assumes happened. Faile tells her the rumors came from somewhere and Berelain responds by telling her that Perrin will grow from it. Berelain also tells her that she should expect competition. Faile then tells her to fix it, that one of them is going to have to die explaining that if Berelain dies then everyone will know that she is at least no longer sleeping with Perrin. Faile tells her she will make the challenge at dinner and Berelain will have to either accept or leave. Faile then offers her a second choice to find a way to get rid of the rumors acknowledging that while she isn't clever enough to get rid of them Berelain is. Berelain says she will have to become friends with Faile or appear as such in a convincing way and Berelain will publicly renunciate her part of the rumors. Faile tells her that she will also find another man.


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Character Development

  • He is quickly learning the ways of the Wolf Dream.
  • She is showing herself to be very clever; in a way more clever than Berelain.


First Mention


What is this thing Perrin came across in the World of Dreams?

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