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Author: Kerna Shedrian


Wavedancer is a Sea Folk raker approximately one hundred paces in length. It has three high masts amidships with triangular sails and one shorter mast on the stern. Its captain, or Sailmistress, is Coine din Jubai Wild Winds, its Windfinder is Jorin din Jubai White Wing and its Cargomaster is Toram. Dorele is also a crewmember. (TSR, Ch. 19)

This ship carries Nynaeve, Elayne, Thom and Juilin from Tear to Tanchico in ten days (TSR, Ch. 20). His destination after is to be Dantora, and the Aile Jafar, and then on to Cantorin and the Aile Somera, to spread news of the Coramoor. (TSR, Ch. 39)