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Author: Aintza Bisera
Published: October 22 2020 Tar Valon Times Blog

Well met fellow adventurers! Welcome to Darkfriends and Dragons!

Do you love the Wheel of Time series? Do you also love Dungeons and Dragons? Have you often dreamed of mixing the two together? What class would Perrin be: Ranger or Fighter? How much extra power would an angreal bestow on Moiraine? What kind of stats would a Trolloc have?

If you had a ready answer for any of these questions, look no further! Welcome to Darkfriends and Dragons, a new series coming to the Tar Valon Times. In this series, we will be diving into all things WoT, combined with all things D&D.

Each entry into the series will explore a different aspect of WoT combined with core tenets of D&D. The series will start with a look at Eye of the World, and eventually move from book to book until we reach a Memory of Light. A few topics you can expect to see are Alignments, Classes, Monsters, Magical Items and much more!


Character Alignment in D&D represents a character’s attitude, reaction to the world and morality on a whole. Alignment represents good, evil and every shade of gray in between. They are Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, Lawful Neutral, True Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil and Chaotic Evil. In the Alignment entries of Darkfriends and Dragons we will talk all about WoT characters from EotW and how they fit into each alignment group.


D&D has many classes, subclasses, archetypes and prestige classes. The game is designed so that each character created is highly customizable and the only limitation is a person’s imagination. In the Classes entry of Darkfriends and Dragons we will look at which classes our favorite Emond’s Fielders, Warders, Aes Sedai, and other characters fit into.

Monsters & Magical Items

The Darkspawn in WoT are unique and monstrous to say the least, but what type of abilities and stats would they have if translated to D&D? How much extra power do angreal give an Aes Sedai, and how much more would sa’angreal? What are the stat differences in a regular sword and a sword forged in the Age of Legends? We will look into all that and more in Darkfriends and Dragons.

Together we will delve into each Wheel of Time book and take a look at what characters, items and Darkfriends would look like in the different Dungeons and Dragons settings. So, my fellow intrepid adventurers, let us see where this journey takes us!

If you have any suggestions or questions please comment below!