A Memory of Light: Chapter 21

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Not a Mistake to Ignore

Chapter Icon: A Bull

Points of View: Siuan, Lyrelle, Pevara



Siuan's Point of View:

Location: Kandor

Characters: Siuan, Yukiri, Gareth, Haerm

Siuan tries to help with Healing & is sent away by Yukiri due to Siuan’s exhaustion. Siuan orders Haerm to search for the Amyrlin. Gareth Bryne and Siuan discuss the losses, one of two men, after the last attack. Bryne is upset that he made a mistake in not attacking the Trollocs sooner & being too careful. He states that he has trained better than this and he cannot ignore this mistake.

Lyrelle's Point of View:

Location: The Black Tower

Characters: Lyrelle, Aledrin, Androl, Faolain, Myrelle, Pevara, Seaine, Theodrin

Lyrelle is in charge of the sisters set to watch the Black Tower. They enter the Black Tower to bond the Asha’man they were promised. Pevara joins the group at Logain’s request. Pevara explains that bonding Asha’man does not compel them as is possible with ordinary men. Lyrelle insists on going though with bonding them.

Location: The Black Tower

Characters: Pevara, Androl, Canler, Emarin, Jonneth

Androl provides the Tower Aes Sedai camped outside the Black Tower with 46 men who volunteered to be Warders, as he has already been bonded by Pevara. He tells Lyrelle they may bond any men they can ask. All of the other Asha’man are away on other business, and Androl has hidden Jonneth, Emarin, and Canler. Lyrelle instructs the Aes Sedai to select their Warders. Androl slips into one of the huts and Pevara follows. Logain has been poring over the things they found in Taim's rooms. He is darker, talks less, and Pevara worries that the Turning has broken him inside. Androl states that they follow Logain's orders, because Logain gave them hope, and that they'll honor the Dragon’s last order to think of themselves not as weapons, but as men.


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