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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


The full name was not recorded in the main series, but was given in the Wheel of Time Companion. Other information about the character is also included in the Companion, but we did not use it in the TarValon.Net Library.

Canler is an Asha'man Dedicated from Andor. He is sturdy with gray in his hair (WH, Prologue). He often scowls at one thing or another (ToM, Ch. 56). He is prone to gossip (AMoL, Prologue)


  • He works out how to bond his wife and shows others like Jur Grady how it is done, even though Taim does not like his Asha'man trying out thing they are not taught (ACoS, Ch. 27).
  • He feels Rand has abandoned them, but when Algarin says he met Rand and respects him, Canler says that is good enough for him (ToM, Ch. 46).
  • He continues to believe they have been abandoned by Rand (AMoL, Prologue)
  • When Androl is demoted, Canler seizes the source ready to fight if needed (AMoL, Ch. 3)
  • After his allies are captured, he leads the Two Rivers men to rescue them (AMoL, Ch. 14)
  • Logain promises to raise him to full Asha'man but he stays at the Black Tower even though he could be claimed by an Aes Sedai (AMoL, Ch. 21)
  • When Logain leaves to find Sakarnen, he goes with Androl and stop the Darkfriend Asha'man from destroying the Dragons (AMoL, Ch. 41)