A Memory of Light: Chapter 35

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A Practiced Grin

Chapter Icon: A Blighted Tree

Points of View: Olver, Cadsuane, Faile


Faile, Olver and the others draw near the Blasted Lands. Faile suspects someone is trying to steal the Horn and spots Vanin and Harnan with it, who drop it and flee. Cadsuane, Aviendha and Sorilea form a plan for if Graendal turns up again.


Olver's Point of View:

Setting: The Blight

Characters: Olver, Bela, Faile, Sandip, Harnan, Setalle, Cha Faile, Aravine, Vanin

Olver is riding Bela through the Blight with Faile's party and watches as a tree swallows another member of the party. Sandip notes this is the fifteenth person dead in just the few days they have been stranded. Five were killed by grolm. They have abandoned the wagons and are heading to the Blasted Lands. Olver is acting brave and thinking on how he will kill the Shaido who killed his father and how he misses Noal, Mat and Talmanes. Faile, Vanin and Aravine are discussing their journey and the fact the trail they are on appears to have been used for wagons recently. Faile orders that they continue on to Thakan'dar.

Cadsuane's Point of View:

Setting: Thakan'dar Valley

Characters: Cadsuane, Aviendha, Sorilea

Cadsuane explains to Aviendha the True Power was used by the woman who escaped with Sarene and that she suspects the woman is Graendal. Sorilea who was watching, argues that Graendal is never mentioned to be so ugly but agrees it must be so. They agree to contact each other if she shows up again.

Faile's Point of View:

Setting: The Blight

Characters: Faile, Vanin, Harnan, Arrela, Mandevwin, Redarms, Cha Faile, Verdin, Laandon, Aravine

Faile's party is close to Thakan'dar and they have not lost another since drawing close to the border of the Blasted Lands. However, two nights before, Faile is called away from her tent and when she returns the Horn's chest has been moved though the chest was still locked and the Horn still inside. Faile sets a trap to try to catch the traitor in her tent but hides the Horn nearby. A scream pierces the night coming from the area the Horn is hidden. Faile finds Harnan battling some furry beast while Vanin holds the Horn. Faile shouts “Thief” and Vanin tosses the Horn and runs, grabbing Harnan on the way. The beast kills a member of Cha Faile and another one appears, drawn by its cries. Arrela battles the first while Mandevwin orders Verdin and Laandon to attack with spears. One beast kills Mandevwin's horse, knocking him to the ground. Aravine appears and Faile orders everyone to ride away as she can hear the cries of more of the beasts. Faile does not have time to chase Vanin or Harnan if they are to outpace the beasts into the Blasted Lands.


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Is the bracelet given to Olver by Noal his hadori?


Characters Mentioned

Wind, Noal, Silvic, Moiraine, Mat, Talmanes, Elayne, Siuan, Elaida, Rand, Sarene, Graendal, Nynaeve, Moiraine, Amys

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