A Memory of Light: Chapter 45

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Tendrils of Mist

Chapter Icon: Ruby Hilted Dagger

Points of View: Mat, Fain, Gaul


Perrin confronts Slayer in Tel'aran'rhiod. Mat arrives at the valley of Thakan'dar and Olver blows the Horn of Valere again


Mat's Point of View:

Location: The Polov Heights

Characters: Mat, Grady, Noal, Olver

Mat asks Grady to take him to Shayol Ghul, but is told that gateways are deflected from there. Grady tells him that he can only take him to one of the camps about a days hike away. Mat tells him to take them there

Fain's Point of View:

Location: Thakan'dar

Characters: Fain

Fain is calling himself Shaisam, his mind in all the tendrils of mist. He has consumed the souls of many Trollocs, and is controlling their bodies. He plans to find a place where the barriers between worlds are thin and seep his self into the stones, but until he can do that, he is bound to Fain's mortal body. He thinks how he had tried to create the mist before, but hadn't been mature enough. He thinks how the mist is both him and not him and that he plans to feast on the soul of Rand al'Thor

Gaul's Point of View:

Setting: Tel'aran'rhiod Characters: Gaul, Perrin, Slayer

Gaul sneaks up on Slayer and attempts to kill him, but Slayer deflects it. Wolves arrive, distracting Slayer and Gaul fades into the rocks. He sees Slayer and is not sure if he is real, or a rock decoy, until if starts killing wolves. He breaks from his hiding page and is hit by spear from Slayer. He tells Gaul that there, he is a king and more than the Forsaken. The winds stop and Perrin appears, telling Slayer he is not a king. Slayer tells Perrin that he wanted to channel and that Luc wanted to be part of something important, and that a prophecy had said Luc will be important to the Last Battle. He says they will kill Perrin, then Rand. Perrin opens his eyes, which glow. Gaul flees.

Mat's Point of View:

Location: The Valley of Thakan'dar

Characters: Mat, Olver, Sulaan

Mat, Oliver and Sullan fly on a to'raken over Thakandar. He looks at the battle and sees there is little organisation left, other than the path to the Pit of Doom. He sees the mist and realises what it is. He realises that the surviving soldiers will be crushed by the Darkhounds and that if they survive, Mashadar will take them. He realises Fain and the dagger are also there. An arrow hits Sulaan, forcing Mat to try and take control of the to'raken, but he crashes it. Olver blows the Horn of Valere again


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