A Memory of Light: Chapter 44

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Two Craftsmen

Chapter Icon: A Harp

Points of View: Perrin, Thom



Perrin's Point of View:

Location: Mayene

Characters: Perrin, Bain, Chiad, Haral Luhhan, Masuri

Perrin wakes in Berelain's palace and sees Chiad, who feels she should not be there. She asks about Gaul and Perrin tells her that he left Gaul in the Dream. He tells her he needs an Aes Sedai to cure him of his fatigue. She warns him it is dangerous, but he tells her letting Rand die is more dangerous, as is leaving Gaul without an ally. Haral Luhhan arrives and Perrin tells him he is worried he pushed himself too hard and might be useless the next day. Haral tells him that it is more important to make sure there is a next day. He tells Perrin that Perrin holds himself back too much because he is scared of letting go. Chiad returns with Masuri. He insists she tell him why she was meeting with Masema, which she does, revealing she had planned to use him. She says she was foolish and has since learned. He places Mah'alleinir in straps on his belt and tells Chiad he will bring Gaul if he is wounded. He closes his eyes and imagines himself close to sleep, where there is a pathway and takes the branch toward the wolf dream in the flesh and feels himself shift between worlds. He begins to hunt {Break}}

Thom's Point of View:

Location: At the entrance to the Pit of Doom

Characters: Thom, Jeaine Caide

Thom watches the battle at Thakan'dar from just outside the Pit of Doom. Lightening hit the line of Dragonsworn holding the cave entrance, then starts hitting the Trollocs instead, control switching back and forth. He sees Jeaine, disguised as Cadsuane, who he kills, as she had not mimicked Cadsuane's walk.


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