Aussie Party 2007

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Aussie Party 2007
Location Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Date April 5-12, 2007
Local Liaison Aleita Taviah, Leilwyn al'Raen, Napolde Surion

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TarValon.Net held Aussie Party 2007 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, April 5-12. This party was unusual for Tower events in that it lasted an entire week.


Partying it Up Down Under with the Aussie Tower Party

By: Aleita Taviah in the Tar Valon Times

On the 5th of April, 2007, an intrepid traveler from the far west made the perilous journey to one of the southern-most points in the world: Tasmania.

It was a cold morning when Mellyn Sedai of the Blue Ajah was greeted with many smiles and a handmade sign by the strange but lovable Tassie Crew. Once the first meet and greet (which included the sniffer dog demanding entrance to Mellyn Sedai's bag) was over, the party had officially begun. A week of fun and games, late nights and shawl making, photo-happy people and way too much food was to follow.

The fun began that day with a luscious brunch and a freezing trip up the mountain, not to mention the memorable dinner with all the trimmings: wallaby, potatoes, and the odd bit of hair. Between getting back from the airport and planning the week ahead, the first day passed with very little sleep. As the week progressed, there was not a spare moment. With a visit to the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, trekking (well, driving) up the mountain, taking time out at our favourite local cafe, going on a road trip to Richmond to look at the ducks, and trolling the Salamanca markets looking for a bargain, we had only skimmed the surface of what Tassie had to offer.

Friday night saw introduction of Mellyn Sedai to the infamous game, Ring of Fire. Ring of Fire (a game not for the faint-hearted) saw many a member freeze under the pressure of having to name an Angreal from the WoT series. Saturday night, a night on the town, involved plenty of drinks and dancing. Much fun was had by all, and far too many happy snaps caught the finer moments of our evening. The highlight of the evening came but once, as a local band dedicated a song to TarValon.Net! But as the night drew on, the smiles faded in place of pained expressions as our feet began to punish us. Six or seven hours later, we were all at home with our feet up and wondering, "Why?"

It was Monday night, and the long awaited Tower Dinner was upon us. As a special treat for the Aes Sedai, the hard working Novice made lanyards for everyone with their avatars and names, as a keepsake of the week. As the Novice slaved away in the kitchens, the Aes Sedai were putting the finishing touches on their shawls. When the dinner finally got underway, the group enjoyed a feast of tomato soup, cheeses and rolls; a traditional roast with all the trimming (no hair this time!); some truly decadent rocky road, and plenty of drinks (nothing alcoholic for the Novice of course).

Delayed flights. Annoying, inconvenient and down right rude! As the time for returning Mellyn Sedai to her homeland approached, we were informed by the nice voice over man, that her flight had been cancelled due to a mechanical failure. So it was home again for a consolation pizza (or two) before setting out again for "take two", of sending Mellyn Sedai home.

Despite the sore feet, tired eyes, and overworked cameras, the new friendships, fun and memories of the 2007 Australian Tower Party will live on for years to come. Thank you to all who attended, and to all those who didn't...aren't you sorry, now?

Those in attendance were: Leilwyn Sedai, Head of the Gray Ajah; Mellyn Sedai of the Blue Ajah, Napolde Sedai of the Yellow Ajah, Melaine Sedai, Heart of the White Ajah; Samira Sedai of the Gray Ajah, and of course your hard working TVT Reporter, Novice Aleita Taviah. We look forward to the 2008 Australian Tower Party, and hope to see many other members there.




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