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Unless stated otherwise, all information herein is taken from NS, Ch. 15.


Canluum is a medium sized town in Kandor, where Lan visited on his way to Chachin and separately by Moiraine, where she encountered Larelle, Merean and Cadsuane. It is walled, with a wide dry moat surrounding, crossed by five bridges (NS, Ch. 15). The people there take pride in the fact that although Myrddraal have struck as far south and further, non have ever made it inside the city walls. The guards of the city wear the red stag of house Maracasiev. As with all borderland towns, it is forbidden to cover the head or face inside the walls. Lord Marcasiev, lord of Canluum has his palace on Stag's Stand.


The Blue Rose

The Gates of Heaven

Characters from Canluum

Varan Marcasiev

Alin Seroku

Josef Najima

Jurine Najima