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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Covril daughter of Ella daughter of Soong is an Ogier from Stedding Shangtai and Loial's mother. She is a respected Speaker. Her sister Voniel is married to Elder Haman (LoC, Ch. 20). She has a strong face (KoD, Ch. 19).


  • She and Iva both agreed to the marriage between Erith and Loial and signed the betrothal (KoD, Ch. 19).
  • She arrives at the Royal Palace in Caemlyn with Elder Haman and Erith. She wants to see her son married to the younger Ogier woman. She helps Elder Haman marking the stedding on the maps Rand has brought (LoC, Ch. 20).
  • After arriving at Lord Algarin's manor, she witnesses the marriage between Erith and Loial (KoD, Ch. 19).
  • Although being initially opposed to Loial speaking at the great Stump (KoD, Ch. 19), she changes her mind and makes sure he is allowed to speak (ToM, Header).
  • She speaks against him, though she does not truly believe her own position, as she feels an argument must have an opposition to prove itself (AMoL, Ch. 7).


  • Loial believes that if his mother knew he was in Stedding Tsofu, she will come and marry him off as soon as possible (TGH, Ch. 35). Later, Loial finds out he is right and his mother has already chosen someone, but he is not told who (TSR, Ch. 16).
  • Even Cadsuane knows her and confirms that Covril is not a woman to be kept waiting (KoD, Ch. 19).
  • Covril still treats Loial like a little boy (KoD, Ch. 19).


"I would probably have been very happy, married, whoever my mother chose. She is a fine woman, my mother, and she would not give me to a bad wife." (Loial; The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 50)

"Women do not become exhausted," Haman said, "they only exhaust others. That is a very old saying among us." (Elder Haman on Covril; Lord of Chaos, Chapter 20)

"I must say, you've led me a merry chase, but I have you in hand now. and I do not mean to let you run--What is that on your lip? And your chin! Well, you can shave those right off again. Don't you grimace at me, Son Loial." (Covril to Loial; Knife of Dreams, Chapter 19)

"Speaking could turn into a debate unless the pure beauty of your words held the listeners. She had once spoken from sunrise to sunset in favor of a very unpopular position without a single interruption, and the next day, no one had risen to speak against her." (Loial on his mother; Knife of Dreams, Chapter 19)