The Shadow Rising: Chapter 16

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Author: Estyrien al'Halien

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Points of View: Perrin, Elayne


Perrin sets off for the Two Rivers. Nynaeve antagonizes Lan.


Perrin's Point of View:

Setting: The Stone of Tear

Characters: Perrin, Faile, Loial, Gaul

Perrin has not slept very well after the attack on the Stone, his sleep littered with nightmares. Nightmares of "trying to fight Whitecloaks, because the Whitecloaks were killing Faile". After washing and dressing, Perrin goes to find Loial, noticing that "little evidence remained of the night's attack" because "the Majhere had her liveried servants out in force". However, Perrin could still smell the blood that had been shed throughout the night and yearns to leave the Stone. When he reaches Loial's room, he sees that it was in fact made for an Ogier, even though "the Stone of Tear predated even the age of the great Ogier stoneworks".

It turns out that Loial has spent most of the time after the attack writing notes about it for his book. His room is filled with flowers but Perrin notices the "swollen knot on Loial's head" and volunteers to fetch Moiraine so that she can Heal him. Loial explains that he considers it nothing worth bothering her for, especially since "there were so many who truly needed her help". Perrin is startled when Faile stands up and informs him that Loial was a hero. "He gathered as many children as he could... into a large room, and held the door alone against Trollocs and Myrddraal". Whilst telling him that, Faile manages to chastise Perrin, even though she does not say anything out loud.

Perrin asks Loial if he has "heard from your mother", which he hasn't, though "I saw Laefar in the city yesterday". Apparently, Loial's mother has chosen his wife already and means to have him settled in a stedding as soon as she finds him. Perrin uses this to his advantage and asks Loial to accompany him to the Two Rivers, "Your mother won't find you there". Though Loial is reluctant to leave Rand, which would mean disrupting his book, Perrin explains that he needs Loial because the Whitecloaks are hurting the people in the Two Rivers. Loial agrees to travel with Perrin and guide him through the Ways but then Faile explains that it won't be possible for him to do that.

Faile has tricked Loial into helping her go with Perrin; she has made him swear "to take me into the Ways whenever I asked, and before anyone else". This means that she will travel to the Two Rivers and if Perrin wants to go there, he must ask to accompany her. Perrin refuses to ask her and Faile refuses to relent, despite Loial's pleas for them to agree to go together. Faile insists that they leave as soon as she and Loial are ready and when Perrin leaves, neither of them have relented, "Stubborn, muleheaded woman". As Perrin walks back to his room, he meets Gaul who volunteers to accompany Perrin to the Two Rivers. Gaul was told by Rand about the situation and has agreed to go with Perrin, much to Perrin's delight.

Elayne's Point of View:

Setting: The Stone of Tear

Characters: Elayne, Egwene, Nynaeve and Lan

Elayne is going over departure plans with Nynaeve and Egwene. They are discussing the letter that Elayne wrote to Rand and his reaction to her leaving the Stone, "He seemed almost relieved". Elayne regrets the letter she wrote to him, a letter full of love, "laying my heart open like a stone-blind fool". Elayne is relieved that he did not try to stop her but is angry that he was so emotionless. Their conversation is interrupted when Lan enters the room; he is trying to keep a reign on his temper and emotions but is obviously failing, "he was at a breaking point now".

Lan is angry that Nynaeve did not tell him that she wasn't leaving for Tar Valon, "You let me believe you were returning to Tar Valon"; in fact, she is leaving for Tanchico. Lan doesn't want her to go to Tanchico, "Tanchico is now no place for anyone", and disapproves of her leaving Tar Valon and that Moiraine included her in the questioning of the Black Ajah. Nynaeve informs him that she is going to Tanchico and Lan suggests that "I could... I could protect you". Nynaeve refuses to accept this offer, "your place is with Moiraine". After Lan objects to this, Nynaeve orders him to stay with Moiraine and shows him the letter from the Amyrlin Seat, "Whatever the bearer does is done at my order and by my authority". When Lan asks why Nynaeve has the letter, she refuses to answer, "Ask no questions I cannot answer".

When Nynaeve insists that "we do as we must, as you will", Lan loses his remaining patience and kisses her hard. Though she protests at first, "her kicks slowed and stopped"; however, when the kiss ends, she berates him for kissing her "for the whole world to see". Lan replies that if she dies on the journey to Tanchico, "I will not survive you long" and leaves the room. When Egwene asks Nynaeve why she let him go back to Moiraine, she answers that "I will not have him remembering a broken oath to Moiraine". Nynaeve is not sure how she will get Lan away from Moiraine but "what must be done, can be done". The three Accepted say their goodbyes to each other and warn each other to be careful, "Tanchico is not much safer than the Waste now". Elayne thinks to herself that she will write another letter to Rand, a fiercer letter, "Men needed a firm hand".


Character Development

  • Faile successfully manipulates Loial into taking her to the Two Rivers


First Mention



First Mention

Dragonwall Gate


  • Gaul knows what the Ways are and did not question Perrin for the reason they would go through them.

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