Knife of Dreams: Chapter 19

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Chapter Icon: Wheel and Serpent

Points of View: Loial, Rand


Loial marries Erith and wants to address the stump once finding out they are discussing if they should open the Book of Translation. They see a huge army of Trollocs approaching. A fight breaks out and Rand uses Lews Therin's knowledge to fight the Shadowspawn.


Loial's Point of View:

Setting: Lord Algarin's manor, Tear

Characters: Loial, Erith, Covril

Loial is led to the Ogier rooms, which impress him, to find his mother, Haman and Erith waiting in the sitting room. Erith is impressed with how brave Loial has been, but his mother calls it foolishness. Erith is asked if she is ready for the responsibility of a husband and says yes. Loial himself is not asked. Haman then performs the ceremony, asking both of them to vow under the Light and by the Tree, which they do. Loial is married. Haman says that as it is raining, they should wait till the next day to leave. Covril agrees but says that the Book of Translation must be opened as soon as possible. Loial says he wishes he could address the stump to try and persuade them not to. Covril at first says no, but Erith reminds her she has precedence and asks Loial what he would say. He begins to give his speech, which his mother accepts isn't bad, when he sees Trollocs, a huge army, perhaps tens of thousands.

Rand's Point of View:

Setting: Lord Algarin's manor, Tear

Characters: Rand, Min, Logain, Cadsuane

Rand and Logain are interrupted by the smell of Shadowspawn. They run out, with Cadsuane and Alivia and begin to fight. Lews Therin also fights, using weaves that Rand does not know until he sees the effect, such as Blossoms of Fire, Deathgates and Arrows of Fire. He sees other weaves that are not his and realises that Logain must be copying him. The Trollocs continue and make it to a barn where the Saldaeans are. He sees a Myrddraal at the window in front of him and sees it die to a hundred Arrows of Fire. After that falls, he notes that none are left, but continues to hold the Power until Logain asks him why he has not released it. Cadsuane threatens Min in order to make the girl tell her how Rand feels and Rand tells Cadsuane not to threaten Min, and to leave her alone, which he amends to just not threatening her after he feels Min's displeasure.

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