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This TarValon.Net page is no longer being actively updated.


This position was the Editor-in-Chief of our TarValon Times, and the holder heads up the Eyes and Ears who scour the internet for any hint of news about WoT, Robert Jordan, and anything related. This position also served as an Executive, which means they were called to give counsel to the Amyrlin and Keeper and possibly other Execs whenever they need it.

This was an Executive position in the Department of Communications.

Chain of Command

The Director of Communications reported to the Keeper.

The Publications Staff Manager reported to the Director of Communications.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • responsible for assigning articles, editing articles, and compiling articles for the TarValon Times every month
  • responsible for updating with relevant news in the WoT world
  • handles all personnel issues (replacing and training staff; any disputes between staff members; etc)
  • come up with new and interesting ideas for the TVT


  • must have been a Senior Member for one year
  • must have some sort of experience related to this (being on staff in this Department at some point, writing articles for your high school newspaper, heck even if it's just writing stories that no one ever sees, or editing for your junior high yearbook--we just want someone who has a love for writing and/or editing. If you fit that bill, then you're good to go. )
  • must be self-directed and self-motivated


The Department of Communication was disbanded in 2009 and with that the position became defunct.

Directors of Communications