Egwene al'Vere (TV Series)

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Book TV show
Madeleine Madden playing Egwene al'Vere in The Wheel of Time
Egwene al'Vere
Nationality Andoran
Social Status
Family Bran and Marin al'Vere
First Appearance Episode 1
Actor Madeleine Madden

Pronunciation: eh-GWAIN ahl-VEER

WARNING! The next sections contain spoilers for the Wheel of Time television series.


Egwene al'Vere is a young woman from the village of Emond's Field in the Two Rivers.


Egwene has dark brown hair and big brown eyes.


Egwene seems very stubborn like all other Two Rivers folk. She seems to be a person who will not take things as they are told to her, but will question what she is told and make her own judgment. By the end of the first season we see Egwene as the person who will do something that might put her life at risk if it is the right thing to do. She is brave and a loyal friend.

Egwene's Journey

Season 1

Egwene first appears in the first episode. She undergoes the rite of passage all women of Two Rivers do to join Women's Circle, officially marking her a woman. Following the ceremony there is a celebration in Emond's Field. After the evening festivities, Egwene spends time with Rand during which she tells Rand that Nynaeve has asked her to be her apprentice. This would mean that Egwene was destined to become a Wisdom which would mean that they would not be able to marry. The next day Egwene tells Rand that she will accept the apprenticeship. That evening during Bel Tine festivities the Trollocs attack the village. Moiraine and Lan save the villagers. Next morning Moiraine tells Rand, Egwene, Mat and Perrin that they are the reason that Trollocs came. Moiraine explains to them that many years ago in the White Tower an Aes Sedai gave a prophecy that one will come who will stand against the Dark One. She tells them that this person, the Dragon, has been reborn and it is one of them. Egwene and her friends follow Moiraine and Lan leaving the village.

During their travels Moiraine singles out Egwene and explains to her that the power that she calls Listening to Wind is actually the One Power and that Egwene can channel. That it will happen to her whether she wants to or not.

Rand seems angry with Egwene, considering her too trusting of Moiraine, Egwene keeps close attention on Moiraine and questions things she's been told by her.

The group takes shelter in Shadar Logoth. Egwene and Rand seem to reconnect. The group separates after leaving Shadar Logoth. Egwene and Perrin continue towards the White Tower together.

Egwene and Perrin happen upon a group of people. Egwene realises that the wolves they encountered earlier seem to have led them to the group. When they make contact with the group they are introduced as Tinkers. The Tinkers invite Egwene and Perrin to travel with them on the way to Tar Valon.

During the time with the Tinkers they learn of their way of life, the Way of the Leaf.She meets a Tinker called Aram. Aram tells Egwene what the Song is that Tinkers talk about during their introduction ritual.

The Tinkers happen upon a group of Whitcloaks. This is same group of Whitcloaks that the group met before they took shelter in Shadar Logoth. One of the Questioners, Eamon Valda, recognises Egwene and Perrin in the group and demands that Tinkers hand them over. The Tinkers attempt to protect Egwene and Perrin, while Aram tries to help them escape.

Egwene and Perrin are captured. Believing that Egwene is an Aes Sedai and Perrin her Warder, Valda puts them to the question. Valda starts torturing Perrin in order to force Egwene to channel. Unable to watch the torture further, Egwene channels freeing Perrin from his bonds. While Valda is occupied with Perrin Egwene stabs him in the back and they escape into the night. The wolves arrive to help them in their escape.

They make it to Tar Valon where Yellow sisters attend to Perrin. Moiraine is brought to them secretly. Egwene reveals to Moiraine that during their escape she has taken the rings of the Aes Sedai Valda murdered and returns them to her. Moiraine leaves the two without telling Egwene that Rand and Mat have also arrived to Tar Valon but assuring her that they are well.

Days later Moiraine tells Egwene that she's been summoned in front of Amyrlin Seat. Egwene finds out that Nynaeve is alive and they are both introduced to Siuan Sanche. Siuan tells them that theLast Battle is coming and Egwene, more accepting of her ability to channel, asks what it is that they need to do. Siuan thanks Egwene for her bravery in brining the rings of fallen Aes Sedai back.

Egwene and the group, now including Nynaeve and Loial, follow Moiraine out of the White Tower. Moiraine tells the group that they will travel through the Ways in order to arrive to the Eye of the World in an effort to stop the Dark One. The group, except Mat, follows Moiraine inside the Ways.

While in the Ways the group is attacked and defending herself Egwene channels which appears to draw attention of Machin Shin. Coming out of the Ways the group arrives to fortress city of Fal Dara.

In Fal Dara Egwene tries to convince the group to go to the Eye of the World because it is the right thing to do. Nynaeve insinuates that Perrin has feelings for Egwene, and he and Rand fight over her. Rand and Egwene make up and he tells her that she should go to the White Tower and become Aes Sedai.

The next morning Nynaeve apologises to Egwene. Egwene, Nynaeve and Perrin discuss if they should go to the Eye of the World and agree that they should. When Lan notifies them that Moiraine masked their bond, the group realises that Rand and Moiraine must have left for the Eye in the night.

Later in the day the Trollocs attack and Egwene and Nynaeve are called to help defend the city as channelers. Egwene links up with other women in the circle led by Lady Amalisa Jagad. Lady Amalisa draws too much power threatening to burn the others in the circle from inside out. Nynaeve tries to save Egwene by sacrificing herself, and the battle ends with Egwene cradling Nynaeve in her arms, healing her.